Saturday, January 24, 2009

News: Floods Damage P117 Million in Crops

Disaster officials estimated the damage on infrastructure in Libjo town in Dinagat Island at P2.1 million.

Figures from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) regional office here said at least 68,696 people were forced out of their homes when flashfloods hit 341 barangays in 34 towns and four cities in the region last week. More...


Anonymous said...

Kung gamay ra ang damage sa Libjo, buot ipasabot gamay ra ang nahimo sa local government Asa na man kwarta sa gobyerno?

Dako na sad ni nga opurtunidad nga kung mag release og kwarta ang national government para sa repair ibulsa na sad uban.

Anonymous said...

the figure i think is just an estimate. to have an accurate amount is to hire a private engineering firm to assess the damages.
in the govt, it works this way. aids received are always below the actual. it depends what local government is close to the gov. (or congressman.) so a very conservative estimate is needed. so that after RED TAPES, the amount can still start repairs. just starting it. hehehehe. to finish is always not a possibility.
on the brighter side, in my opinion i dont care how much they can steal as long as libjoanons are not hit that much of that bad weather. bahalag naay kawat (allegedly) basta ang tinoud nga nahitabo safe ra ang mga tawo.
inig abot sa panahon sila ray manubag sa Ginoo.

Anonymous said...

naguba man partly ang balay sa mayor mao nga dako ang damage.