Sunday, December 28, 2008

News: Dinagat roads to development

Passing through the road of Dinagat Island from Cagdianao to Loreto gives Dinagatnons clues of the island's past and a vivid picture of its current status. It also gives us a glimpse of our future towards development, or perdition.

From the picturesque road of Cagdianao, to the welcome road of Dinagat, to the hilly road of San Jose, to the scenic road of Basilisa, to the Libjo road that dissect Paragua Forest, to the rustic road of Tubajon, and to the historic road of Loreto, Dinagatnons could see indicators of current endeavors towards local development.

New bridges, concreting & repairing of roads, and sprouting of public signboards are almost everywhere. Old roads are having a facelift, while new ones cut across uncharted terrains. It is just a matter of time when these roads will be totally paved with concrete. Read more...

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Anonymous said...

how long is a matter of time mentioned nico?