Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Greetings from Here and Abroad!

To all Dinagat-non and Libjo-anon from Here and around the world Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all!

Throughout this year and next year and on these difficult times we wish you all safe and healthy.

We lost connection in Libjo :-( - that is the other thing we want to say. To all our local customers in Libjo we apologies we are temporarily closing our internet service until further notice. Though we will try to make you (LibjoLive! visitors) informed about what's happening in Libjo and around the Island. We hope you will still find this site informative and consider it our community online.

Thank you very much for all your continued support.


Please leave your greetings here.


gib said...


greetings to all!

happy holidays!

gib and family-wadab

Tony G.- Chicago said...

We better have some actions here after declaring words of uniting and supporting LibjoLive.
What is the root cause of why they are stopping service. Is it financial? If it is, how can Libjoanon help? What's the annual cost of operating the site? From this information Libjoanons could determine whether they can support the site or not. If the amount could be supported through donations from Libjoanon who uses the site then we can start by pledging an amount to donate on a regular basis. Libjoanon specially those who are earning the mighty dollar can pledge an amount to keep Libjo Live ALIVE.
Muthja, can you give us a breakdown of your operating cost, if this is the cause of closing the site? Can we afford operating the site through donations? I believe overseas Libjoanon can pledge support to the site if they have this kind of information. Is there other ways of supporting the site to keep it ALIVE?

gib said...

good idea tony. a lot of libjoanons are willing to support. you may ask mat/nico about the real reason why they are shutting down the site,temporarily i hope. .

merry christmas!

Anonymous said...



DHENZ said...

I think LibjoLive website will still be active and online anytime and only the LibjoLive internet shop which is located in Libjo will be temporarily close. It's sad to know that our fellow Libjoanons in our hometown will not be online anymore.

I went home for vacation last May 2008 and i'm thankful for the internet services of LibjoLive because i was able to check the available flight schedule for my return. Without their services, i should have gone to Surigao just to check this information and it will cost me much. Having the latest technology within a tip of our hands, internet has been very useful to all and i learned that some of our high school students are browsing their homework from Muthja's internet shop.

I realy feel sad that our internet services in town will be temporarily close. If there is something that we can help on to bring the Internet Shop back online, i'm willing to shell out something for the benefit of everyone especially to our students back home and of course my family as well.

Gib and Tony G, i am with you and i urged all our fellow Libjoanons to support LibjoLive internet services to keep it LIVE.

Merry Christmas to all!

taga-loreto said...

good idea but nico and muthja should give us detail of what is happening. what i believed (i may be wrong), the site is free since it's just a blog. what's closing is the internet cafe in libjo which is a business. if i'm right, there's no problem for this site. the internet cafe since it's a business may need help. i'm sure gib and others can invest money for that. mr. tony you can do the same to our town loreto. invest your mighty dollar so loreto same with libjo will be live always.

Anonymous said...

hahaha! arang ka gara-garaon ni si "taga-loreto". maybe its not about money, i think.
im sure nico is doing his best to fix the problem. he is the scientist in our group, di ba bro?hehe

ya' right dhenz, its a big help to students and to us. its our rally point.


Tony G.-Chicago said...

Taga-Loreto, when do we start the one in Loreto? It would really be nice to have one in Loreto. Maybe we can have Muthja look at it. I think her family is originally from Loreto. Or someone who is permanently located there, who can manage it well, technically savvy and is unbiased just like how Libjo Live is being managed.

Anonymous said...

Where is Muthja? How come she no longer say anything? Is she still in Libjo? Is she still connected with Libjo Live? We miss her.