Sunday, October 19, 2008

KALAHI-CIDSS Bring Development to Libjo

Development has practically reached the barangay's of Libjo, Dinagat Island as the government through the Department of Social Welfare and Development's KALAHI-CIDSS Project has made all these possible.

Last September 2-3, 2008, DSWD Caraga Chief Mercedita P. Jabagat, Libjo Mayor Lamberto T. Llamera Jr. and the Barangay Officials together with Msgr. Ramon S. Cafe, conducted a series of Sub-Project Inauguration in four barangay's of Libjo.

KALAHI-CIDSS is the flagship anti-poverty project of the office of the President which has been implemented since 2003 and is said to culminate on June 2009.

DSWD Caraga Chief Mercedita P Jabagat, Libjo Mayor Lamberto T. Llamera Jr. and Reverend Cafe in one of the ceremony.

Sea Wall - Barangay Osmena

Water System - Barangay Dona Helen

Two Classroom Elementary Building
- Barangay Bayanihan
Day Care Center - Barangay Kanihaan


Anonymous said...

wow thats really good news!!
hope to hear more projects for our town.


Anonymous said...

i'm very proud of the NGO's. it implements projects corruption-free. for years now, you can tell that if it's implemented by the government a big chunk of the budget goes to the pockets of the leaders. school buildings are not painted. don't even have comfort rooms. but if it's by the NGO's? it's build as planned.
look at our health center. if the donors let our officials handle the project? it does not look like that.
our new gym! why is it that instead of our municipal engineer running the project, the council hired Engr Miras? i hope you know the answer. they want to see to it built as planned.

Anonymous said...

hahaha... got your point 130am.but even with engr miras, wala matapos ang gym. daghan pa kulang.but he did good. pero dont tell me nga waya mo kita si miras bisan gamay. " minimal greed" lang.hehehe

bisan ang karaan nga engr, ningkita pod atong una, nabulyaso lang mao nga mihawa." moderate greed".

dili ika limud nga mokita ang mga liders sa lungsud, bisan asa dapita sa pilipinas. pero kadtong isa ka engr nga gipulihan ni miras sa gym project, kulba to! BUKOL GYUD!"maximum greed"

sa 3 engineers, tanan ning kita. gagmay hinuon ang uban, dagko ang uban.
nganong naka hibalo man ko? kay pareho man mi engr!!! hehehe "moderate greed" ra ko, sipog karajaw.

in fairness, mi lambo baja gamay ang libjo..


Anonymous said...

to: 1:30am
what NGO's? kalahi is a project from the president, implemented by DSWD and the local govt. mao na ang pagka sabot nako.
are you sure you know what you are writing?

Anonymous said...

municipal engineer? maybe something is going wrong with his performance in town and the council have no trust with him. this new gym is the pride of all libjoanon and was known to be the biggest gym in surigao. all libjoanons should be proud of.

Engr. Rodolfo G. Malbacias said...

to 6:16PM:

I respect your comment but I disagree and I think I have to respond. I'm not expecting you to agree with me either.
You're saying that my brother left his job because of "BULYASO". THAT'S A BIG LIE! There was a sort of investigation by the council about some accusations but information they gathered points to other people and NOT my brother committing the irregularities. THEY PROVED NOTHING AGAINST HIM. I believed this is not the right place to discuss the details. But I can safely say that he didn't fit to the existing system. With his intellegence coupled with his agressive type of working attitude, he could have contributed a lot to the town. Working in the government run by elected officials with the kind of political situation we have in our country is not easy. The easy temptation to compromise your INTEGRITY & HONESTY even the CHRISTIAN VALUES is strong. Real strong. Of course in exchange for favor and money. My brother did not earned fortune to build his house or buy vehicles he dreamed of while working there in Libjo. I tell you he did not sell his soul for money. With our families' blessing, we supported his decision to quit his job. Unlike the "KAPALMUKS", in any ways he protected the image of our FAMILY. Sad to say it changes our family, forever.... If you want to back up your accusations, the burden of proof is yours. Evidence please!
Engineer, it does not follow that since monkeys eat bananas people who eat bananas are monkeys. And that you as engineer is "greedy", all engineers are
also "greedy". I'm also an engineer, and never in my 5 years in college that "to be greedy was taught". I'm confident not in your CHURCH too. And I'm pretty sure that until now the CODE OF ETHICS FOR ENGINEERS is still in the curriculum and in the engineering laws in our country. Confessing as a "MODERATELY GREEDY ENGINEER" is shamefull. The reason you hide your IDENTITY.

Anonymous said...

pinaka daghan ug kurakot and anomalya sa lungsud naa sa enginering section. hinaut unta nga ang mga opisyals dili magpasagad. pagkaluoy sa ordinaryong tawo.

Anonymous said...

to: engr. rodolf
*sa 3 engineers, tanan ning kita. gagmay hinuon ang uban, dagko ang uban.
nganong naka hibalo man ko? kay pareho man mi engr!!! hehehe "moderate greed" ra ko, sipog karajaw.*

ang gi kompara dinhi ang 3 engineers, hasta ako sab. not all the engineers or mga monkeys.pareho naka trabaho sa goberno. pareho mi mga mun. engr.. naka trabaho ka ba sa goberno rodolf? kung wala, ayaw nalang ug sulay, basin ma usab pa ang imong panan-aw sa kinabuhi.
amo balitaw na dili dako ibutang an ako ngayan kay masipog ako. but im a proud engineer!

Anonymous said...

ambot ug ang engineer ra bay kurakot kay ang mag-purchase ang treasury man tapos an mayor an mo-approved. so kun jaoy kurakot, konsabo tanan. kun jaoy konsensya, na resign rakan. amo siguro ton ang nahitabo ni Engr. Rex Malbacias.


Greed....greed.... Let me tell you about greed. Few months ago I was offered a job to work back in the Philippines. It took me sleepless nights thinking...whether to accept or reject the offer. I inquire the taxation law in the country and found that I will be paying higher tax than I paid to the country I am currently residing. I ask my parents and brother about it with the same question I am about to ask you Mr Mun Engineer or anonymous 6:16PM... IS IT WORTH TO PAY A TAX OF MORE THAN 5 MILLION PESOS A YEAR knowing the fact that MOST OF THE MONEY WILL FALL INTO SOMEONE'S POCKET??? I decided not to... in that I became GREEDY.

I stayed in the country for more than two years before I left waiting for them to take legal actions against me because of "MY BULYASO" (as you accused me) and there was none...WHY???

I remain to be a Filipino Citizen till now so that when they decide to file the case they can ask the Philippine government to extradite me but until now there's no case? WHY???

I persuade my father to allow me to do the first move ( I AM VERY MUCH CAPABLE OF DOING IT BEFORE AND MUCH MORE CAPABLE OF DOING IT NOW IF I NEED TO) but my father BEG me NOT TO because its not the way how the CHRISTIANS DO saying that I will survive outside Libjo or outside the country rather than "THEM" so I decided to move on and forget everything.

I agree that what has happened changed our family and it will be forever... I am here outside of the country...has achieved more than I expect..."jUST MOVED TO MY NEWLY BUILT HOUSE in Sandhurst Club (if you have google earth you can search where is Sandhurst in Melbourne) has added a new member of the family recently (The eldest is PONTIAC GTO- second is a TOYOTA AURION which is my daily use car, and the third member is AUDI Q7- NOT to mention my wife's TIBURON and HONDA INTEGRA). If I stayed in Libjo can I enjoy the blessings I have now? The only sad thing on this is sometimes you make your hotel room as your office, jumping from one country to another or one state to another which is tiring.

We may be "ENGINEERS" as you said but I am confident that YOU ARE NOT of my caliber because if you are... you're already rubbing shoulders with engineers from USA, UK, KOREA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, RUSSIA, GERMANY,NORWAY, SWEDEN, FRANCE, ITALY etc. and you already have licenses to practice engineering (NOT A PHILIPPINE LICENSE - which is considered RUBBISH outside Philippines).

I DO APPRECIATE YOUR HONESTY SAYING that you are one of them who remain in the country to MILK the PEOPLE'S MONEY.

Anonymous said...

RESIGN? pag solo mo ug resign! gipaningkamutan nako ni tanan.

Anonymous said...

Hoy..Engr. Rex Malbacias ayaw lang ug panghambog sa imong naabot..magpasalamat lang ka? Kay kadtong lawom nga sapa wala gyud nay tingog pero kanang mabaw banha gyud na..Unya nanghambog ka sa imong balay..mga sakyanan..utang mana nimo..nagmortgage man ka ana ug nagmonthly..So mas maayo siguro..kung dili ka guilty...ayaw nalang ug post diri kay masakitan pod ming tagalibjo..kung dili naka ganahan diri mobalik wala man poy nagpugos nimo..Thank you...advice lang..Tujom

Anonymous said...

Engineer Rex, relax ra lamang. di man namo maapas an imo kadato. moderate greed da an ako.hehehe. sagdi lamang kay basin maka larga isab ako, mag lumba ta. basin puhon madajon an ako application sa alaska, makapalit ra isab ako nan BMW.hehehe
sayang man isab inin trabaho ta labi na probinsya na an isla. hamok man ato matabang sanan hamok karajawan. pero kun madajon an paglarga nako, mag email ako sa imo kon jaon ako kotse.hehehe

Anonymous said...

WHAT MOVE? engr, make the first move, go ahead. what ever you want,the LIBJOANON will be waiting for it. may it be for good or bad.
we thougt you have changed for good, mas WORST diay!@

Anonymous said...

hey, i was about to beleive you rex. but a 5 million tax in pinas? kinsa ka si villar?
my friend here in canada, mr. dy, is paying P4.6M taxes in the pinas. he has properties biger than your town, for sure bigger than yours..
cars? dont mention it, helipad ang garrage. walay hangin ang ulo. ayaw pang hambug dong, maulaw mi kay taga loreto baya imong kaliwat.

Anonymous said...

agree ako sa imo 7:11. maski unsa ka dako sa sweldo sa mga worker sa laing nasud dako sad sila utang tungod ky dako sad ila guts na mangutang ng maski uno rakan...
way hambugay. kay daghan isturya daghan sajop. ;)

Anonymous said...

To rex malbacias..ajaw dajon panghunaw sa Bulyaso Case kay sa imo sitwasyon puwede ka masabit niana kay maconsider man ka na accessory sa anomaliya..Siguro an maajo, padajon nalang diha sa imo carer..ajaw nalamang panghilabot sa Albor.kay wala man ka interest diri..Unya dato naman kaha ka diha????paghatag nalang ug kuwarta sa mga pobre or bisag si lucio tan tagai sab kay nagkinahanglan sab siya ug iya PAL..daghang salamat..tujom

Anonymous said...


I just come across this website I want to chip in my one cent comment.

Phil Tax is 125 Thousand for first 500 and 34% thereafter. Do you think you earned that much?... I know Sandhurst I've played golf there few times. I think you better work hard to maintain that $10000 a year membership.

I know that for engineers at higher level they earned between 180T to 280T per year but sending you back to the Philippines with that salary is a wishful thinking,. I am right???? baka nang aasar ka lang or nagyayabang.....

For those who reacted, magresearch din kayo para maging fair ang comment nyo.... ang taxation sa atin ay 125T for first 500 and 34% thereafter. Para naman manalaman natin ang totoo mataas na nga ang tax natin bakit naghirap pa rin ang bansa.

Anonymous said...

mga mugbo ug mga hunahuna. suwaji kuno ninjo ug subay ang mga post ani nga topic ug kinsay giunahan ug bira. una ang mga opisyales sa libjo. sunod ang 3 ka-engineers. gusto ra mo mamira unja dili magpabayos? unja kon mobayos gani ang gibirahan lang-on dajon na hambugero. unja kon jaoy ikapanghambug? suya ra mo.
kining taga-loreto dinhi nauwaw kay taga-loreto ang kaliwat sa nanghambog kuno. naa pa moy daghan dapat ikauwaw sa injo lungsod usa mo mauwaw sa mga tawo nga wa magtubo sa injo. wa pay mayor sa libjo nga gipatay.

Anonymous said...

i hope we can avoid personal issues here. we were suppose to comment on the posting. but we should review our comments before posting it, thousands will be reading it.

to mr. rex,
dili ko maka ingon nga hambug lang ang imong naabut dong, ikaw na gud na. lisud man ta magsulat kung bakak. pero para kanamo nga naningkamut sad sa gawas, murag lisud sa uban ang pag believe. murag dako jud pero, ikaw may nag ingon, way mahimo.

hawaiian blend

Anonymous said...

this is just for the sake of discussion. i'm single and a nurse here in florida. when i applied for a house loan, my max. loanable amt. was $180,000. my sister and her husband both physical therapists (homehealth) in north carolina have a max. loanable amt. of $280,000. my point is even in borrowing money from banks & lenders, bottom line it depends on how much you are earning.
lisod jod pagtoo ug dili nato ibutang sa sakto nga pagtimbangtimbang.
as i know the minimum wage here in the u.s. was $5.85 in 2006, $6.55 at present and will be $7.25 next year. even if you earn double the minimum, it's not enough. but i know lot of filipinos who are earning more than that. nurses in some states earn $35/hr. it's easy for IT engineers to earn 6 digits a year.
about Engr Rex, i don't know. but it's possible. my boyfriend is a civil engineer here in florida and he's making more than i do. if we combine our income? it's big enough that banks can lend us money to buy a big house and vehicles we like. in fact at present we both own two cars.

bisdak in japan said...

to anonymous 7:53
maybe you will say nang-asar din ako kung sasabihin ko ito sa yo.
after working in a japanese construction company, they gave me the chance to work in their main office in nagoya with the salary at par with the japanese engineers with my level. we have projects too in the philippines. the latest was the construction of the south coastal highway bridge of cebu's south reclamation project. i was there since we started driving piles up to the time motorists were allowed to pass the bridge. my salary? same salary i received here in nagoya.

Anonymous said...

ai! away bitaw mo na parehu man mo naka kuha sa kwarta sa ato munisipyo...diba????parehu mo naka puyos...daghan project pero gamay ra ang natuman nanyo,,puro ramo sulti ya sa buhat...ipakita sa mga libjuanon ang ijo mga na accomplish abiser mo diha mag tagawtaw.....KASABOT!!!!!!!


***my friend here in canada, mr. dy, is paying P4.6M taxes in the pinas. he has properties biger than your town, for sure bigger than yours..

Of Course....Thousands of Filipinos are very rich...filthy rich.... but because we have millions of "MODERATELY GREEDY" Tax Agent that's the reason why someone is paying less BUT If you're not greedy... you will be paying more just like the normal employees that can not pay bribes.
But to tell you I do have the right to acquire more as they are DO I?

*****Unya nanghambog ka sa imong balay..mga sakyanan..utang mana nimo..nagmortgage man ka ana ug nagmonthly..

UTANG!!!YES!!! I DO IT AT THE BEGINNING....The difference between you and me is: I BORROWED MONEY TO EARN MONEY!!! I share with you what I did..(BUT BE CAREFUL don't TALK TO NO ONE THIS IS OUR SECRET ALRIGHT???) If you have considerable income you can file a loan from the bank just like me. Instead of building my house I invest it. 24 hours I monitored the share market since the loan is too much for me to lose. When the shares price went up..sold it and buy another and sold. In 3 months time my UTANG was reduced to 700T and fully paid it 10 months ago...BUT don't resign yet... your job is your insurance. BECAUSE it's necessary to build a house.. I built one paid 2/3's of the cost, including the cars (ITS ALL PAID)but not a good investment.. house is DEAD investment. AS I SAID BE CAREFUL what happened for the last two months is a nightmare....SINGAPORE with its 200B reserves declared recession..(I didn't expect it) I lost some but recover some before the collapse of Lehman...ACCEPT IT ITS PART OF THE GAME... THAT'S LIFE) BUT I did not resign from my job...I can pay the last 1/3 of it in 3 years. If the share market rebounds maybe in two months.(DONT TELL NO ONE ITS OUR SECRET..alright?) hehehe...

Someone is talking "helicopter ang garage" hmmnnn..magshopping ka kaha ug helicopter and you will be can buy one for 150T but for me its not aligned I got only a glider's license...buying one is extravagance... besides Im too old to be a pilot....someday I will hire a pilot to work for me ...THAT'S MY AMBITION... YOU MUST HAVE THAT...LIFE IS DULL WITHOUT AMBITION...REMEMBER ITS ONLY OUR SECRET DON'T LET THE OTHERS KNOW


To: Mr. Municipal Engineer...

If you decide to work overseas... make sure you've got the guts and brains... and really work like ENGINEER NOT FOREMAN.... I think you're clever enough if not..I am not GREEDY for this token of advise... 1.) Establish a base outside Philippines... in that you have a good bargaining power on salary negotiation.. but if you're based in Phils... They'll just give you USD 2000...very cheap... 2.) Establish contacts NOT with Filipino Engineers like you...GO for the big ones... If you're a "good engineer" these people will open up more oppurtunities fo r you. 3.) Even if you don't know what is DESIGN & how to CALCULATE... just be noisy and always lock heads (argue) with them..Advertise yourself tell them that you're the best among the Filipinos...BUT TRY TO TALK IN ENGLISH...and start practising now in your postings here...

4.) Market yourself and don't just jump when there is an offer.... I have a sample for you but I declined the offer... VERY LOW OFFER (not even half of the present)....But decline them with LOVE... hehehe

*******Would you be interested in an Intermedieate or Sr Position for the post below?
Tunneling Design Engineer
(Ref: WVP44746-T)

Position: Permanent
Location: Toronto
Salary: $80,000-$115,000 CAD Per Year
Blair MacPherson*******

The reason for that is he thinks I am based in the Philippines so the offer is low....

WHY BMW???? why not PAGANI OR BUGATTI? To tell you what... if you order a bugatti now the delivery time is 4 years. With you working overseas you can save considerable sum to pay for the car(ITS ONLY TWO MILLION THAT IS CHEAP FOR YOU.... YOU CAN DO IT)

I have a challenge for you Mr. Municipal Engineer... go overseas... I have read Mr. Max Soliven in Philstar when I was still in the Philippines saying,,, "PUBLIC OFFICE THE LAST RESORT OF THE INCOMPETENT.....prove him WRONG...YOU ARE NOT INCOMPETENT DO YOU? Work overseas or in private sector please HELP the FILIPINOS....Don't LIVE to MILK THEIR MONEY.

Anonymous said...

rex adjaw na lamang i-explain in details kay dili gihapon na sila kasabot unsa nang mag-invest. wa gani na sila kaila unsa nang lehman. hehehehehe. panahon sa cocofed daghan taga-ato naay shares sa ucpb pero wa kahibawo ug unsa na. giagop-op na lamang wa sila kahibawo naa silay kwarta gi-invest. i-share lamang nako ni ninjo nga 50 yrs old pa ko wa na ko motrabaho tungod anang gihisgotan ni rex. wa na koy utang. nag-enjoy na lamang ko sa bunga sa ako investments. suwerte kay nahitabo wa pay problema ang wall street. hawaiian blend naa man ka dire sa amerika istudyohi na.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 12:35 its sounds to me that you are a LOSER. Does it mean that because my family name is not VILLAR or DY, I don't have the right to be rich and prosper? WHAT A LOSER AND SHAME ON YOU. Mauwaw ka sa Taga Loreto kay daghang maestra dire sa Albor nga gikan sa Loreto nga naka produce ug maayong produkto o estudyante and has achieved more or at par sa taga Loreto.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm..dami na pala project na nagawa ah, sana mabigyan pansin din ang daan galing magsaysay papuntang cahayag, last 2006 nakapunta ako don wala paring pagbabago yon parin ang daan na dinadaanan namin nong nag aaral pa ako ng grade 1 sa magsayay.sana rin nd na putol putol ang supply ng kuryente sa cahayag. God Bless..

Anonymous said...

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