Friday, June 13, 2008

News: Sandiganbayan Affirms Ecleo's Graft Conviction

The Sandiganbayan has affirmed three graft convictions against former San Jose, Surigao del Norte Mayor Ruben Ecleo, Jr., and three of his former subordinates in connection with fund disbursement anomalies in three construction projects during his term.

In a resolution by the anti-graft court's First Division promulgated June 6, Ecleo’s appeal was dismissed for lack of merit, noting that the defendant raised arguments that were already "deliberated, passed upon and explained by the Court" when it convicted him on October 13, 2006.

The Sandiganbayan cases involved the construction of a public market, a new municipal building and a guesthouse, which the court said were all fraudulent, and were undertaken between 1991 and 1994. Full story.


Anonymous said...

marajaw gajod jaon na balita.
tana mapreso na gajod amo? kay tg sentensyahan na gud pra lesson jaon sa mga opisyales sa bag-o na dinagat province kay basin kurakuton ra sad ang mga funding sa province.
he deserves to be imprisoned way way back...

Anonymous said...

who's next?

Anonymous said...

naa pa daghan diha nga mga buaja! unta naay mosunod.

Adan said...

We, citizens of Dinagat or wherever we are, is not, and never in the proper and legal position, to say that the affirmation of the Sandiganbayan regarding "his" graft charges will have a deterrent effect against the unscropulous politicians alleged to have been "croc's" in the province.

Your insensible, improper and perhaps even discriminizing remarks which is attributed to the many "membro's" of Dinagat, only creates sensationalized and unwarranted publicity which is primarily damaging on the part of the many.

The lesson that we should always uphold is that , if we DO NOT know the real story, it is much better and fitting for us, to remain silent about the issue. Our untimely remarks only adds fuel to the fire.

Yes, the 1987 Constitution, Article III enumerates the charter of our fundamental freedoms and rights which includes among otherd, our basic freedom to "speak" but this freedom, i.e, to unjustly attack "him" on grounds of Sandiganbayan's affirmation on graft charges, is insufficient to say that we are free from any libel charges because this freedom, is not absolute. That's why, in the Phils, we have congested libel cases in courts all of which are arising from indecent statements of the many.

"He" is, and still, have the right to bring his case to the Supreme Court for review and legal consideration as expressly provided under the Rules of Court. This legal fight is not yet the end, because all citizens facing criminal charges have the right to file and appeal to the higher court, provided that the period of filing is within 15 days from date of the promulgation of decision.

Ferdinand Marcos, while being a Law student of UP, was accused of the murder of Assemblyman Julio Nalundasan in 1935 - a political rival of his father, Mariano Marcos, was formerly convicted by the Court of First Instance of Ilocos Norte (now REgional Trial court), but after his last appeal to the supreme Court, he was declared innocent after consideration of the merits of his case, and was restored to his full civil and political rights and liberties. Thereafter, he passed as no. 1 in the Bar while incarcerated in jail, and assumed the presidency of the land after his long journey in politics. Indeed, God destined him to be. And in the case of "him", still, i believe he is innocent and God will free him! i know he is a very good, honest, & humble gentleman politician i've ever known.

Anonymous said...

TO mr adan;

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. dont compare "him" to the late president Marcos. we knew mr. Marcos because we belong to the same brotherhood. "he" is nowhere near the late president. not even close. all his brothers even from the opposition respected him.

There cases were different!

to those people who made their comments earlier, maybe they know more about "him" and his ways.

i presumed that you know about our laws. i think the people in sandiganbayan know more than we do.

again, pls dont site the cases of Apo for "him". thank you!

Anonymous said...

ang pilipinas, land of the brave and free. Usahay, ang mga dili maayo mao ang mga brave ug naay freedom. NAUNSA NA!

Anonymous said...

adan, an imo tagpasabut na dinagatnon taga dinagat island or dinagat town? kun taga lungsud ra, sawanun gajod. na kay hamok man an namujo sa isla na dili kon talawan. kun uno an tagbati mosulti man gajod kay jaon may katungud.
GAG ORDER man iton.

Adan said...

I do believe, and still uphold my personal belief that "he" is innocent of the charge of graft.

These unwarranted statements made by some of our fellowmen which are generally degrading in character and sense, is in fact, a TRIAL BY PUBLICITY.

It is Trial by publicity, in the sense that only the version of the Sandiganbayan and some witty remarks of irate citizens of Dinagat Isls. against "him" are often heard and seen through internet and some media outlets.

Why not search down to the bottom of the issue? or even ask for the candid statement or legal stand of the "accused". Some are actually judging "him" based on hearsay remarks of the media or for some unknown and unreliable sources often tainted with malice, bias and manifest partiality.

Our government aimed to have citizens who are responsible and mature enough ro relaize that the exercise of our freedom to "speak" has consequences.

This mode of exercising one of our fundamental freedoms must be done with due caution, diligence and utmost propriety, mindful that the "subject person" is a man of known standing in Dinagat Isls. and a rallyin point of the many "membro's' of Dinagat Isls.

Your unfair attack on the personality of "him" only shows the degree of your social upbringing, the education you've been nurtured and the civilization you are in.

Karajawan sa Dinagat isls. said...

Let us not be judgmental on how the "membro's" act in their ways.

This intriguing remarks which is damaging on the part of the many, reaches actually to the point of saturation which demands the exercise of proper understanding and focus.

I think, desperateness or envy might have been engulfing on the mentality of these few lumads who are "hinawajon" about the "membro's.

To our lumad friends out there, Being prudent and judicious in our ways coupled with tact and self-discipline is necessary in a democratic society like ours. Dinagat Isls, is a free province. Free, in the sense, that "lumad's" and "membro's" alike, co-exist with each other in harmony with society. I hope, "membro's" will not be degraded and discriminised on account of their beliefs and principles or even their status in life. "Membro's" do have the same aspirations as with the lumads - that is, to live in society where one is not judged according to the color of his skin nor of the language that goes out from his mouth.

Well, on the other hand,if one man is facing criminal charges b4 our courts of law, his presumption of his innocence is still guaranteed and safeguarded by the Constitution. "He" has not yet commences to serve the service of "his" sentence in jail, and legally speaking, "he" is still presumed innocent. His right to file an appeal in the higher court is still available.

The legal battle is not yet over. Do not generalize as if this is already the end of the world! Many things might happen.Let us all pray that "he" will soon be free and be restored to his full liberty.

Anonymous said...

*I do believe, and still uphold my personal belief that "he" is innocent of the charge of graft.*

its your opinion mr adan, we respect that. ayaw lang iapil ang ngalan sa "membro" kay ako usa ka membro sa una.. mas maayo kung irespeto nato ang opinyon sa uban. basin duna silay nahibaw-an nga wala makahibalo ang kadaghanan.

Anonymous said...

"the truth will set us free"
if you think he is not guilty then the court will set him free. if not,then we should accept the decision.

eva said...

kaingon nako lata na ang balaod sa pilipinas, kanus a man na sija ma preso?

Dinagat Islands Promising Technocrat said...


We could not say absolutely that the truth will set us free.

History bears witness to the fact that there were actually so many legendary personalities who were innocent for all the charges brought in Court or any tribunals from the ancient times going as far as to the dawn of the Rennaisance and even in the Computer Age of today, but were later CONVICTED,SENTENCED,OUSTED and even PERSECUTED for no strong or cogent reasons or whatsoever.

1. Jesus Christ, the Messiah after proclaiming unto the land of Judaea the truth about salvation was crucified in Mt.Golgotha by the Romans. Pontius Pilate at the height of His trial just wash off his hands to show "impartiality kuno" and prove that it's there decision to convict and crucify a sinless and innocent being.

2.Jose Rizal, the Pride of the Malay Race and the Father of Asian Nationalism, after espousing the evils of Spanish tyrannical rule and injustices in the 18th Century were later CONVICTED AND SENTENCED to death through musketry on that fateful day of Dec. 30, 1896. His untimely demise were attributed to the "defiles of the church" as critics called.

3. FERDINAND E. MARCOS, the greatest president the Philippines ever had, after being proclaimed legally by the Batasang Pambansa in 1986 Snap Election as presidential winner was ousted from the presidency through rebel-turned hero Enrile-Ramos-Sin and Aquino faction. After his death, PCGG runs after to freeze and sequester all the wealth of Marcos alleged to have been "ill-gotten" and siphoned from the treasury of the philppines.

4. JOSEPH ESTRADA, man of the massess, was convicted (but later released through presidential pardon) after indicted by Singson for allegedly receiving tobacco excise taxes and Jueteng kickbacks.Envelope containing alleged bank account proved nothing after being opened after the impeachment trial and the prosecution failed to establish his guilt beyond reasonable doubt. GMA were sworn into office by DAvide inspite of the fact that the presidency as occupied by ERap were still vacant.

This is the truth of our existence before the face of this judgemental and perverted world.Mostly, it is the innocent who were convicted and the wrongdoers at their full exercise of liberty.

I hope and pray that the Sandiganbayan's decision will be reversed by the Supreme Court.He is, and I repeat, very, very, very innocent!

I hope our courts of law will uphold justice by giving proper disposition of cases and see to it that justice has been served. Many more people are gaining more distrust in our legal institutions since the olden days, untana sa panahon kuman ang mga buotan maoy magmadaugon.

Long Live My Master!!! Mabuhay an mga Dinagatnon! Magmadaugon an tanang mga Membro!

Way But-anay!!!

gib said...

"everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty."

butoy said...

wow, nagka init na sad sa live! ipagawas ang gibati, ibuga ang tinaguan nga ininglis! mao na ang libjoanon!! time sa kadali, libjoanon lang ba ta tanan diri or islanders na? anyway, welcome ang tanan.

Anonymous said...

hehehe. what a comparison. those were great people, with great deeds. of all the people you had mentioned, only our LORD, JESUS CHRIST is innocent. please dont compare them. far out karajaw!

***This is the truth of our existence before the face of this judgemental and perverted world.Mostly, it is the innocent who were convicted and the wrongdoers at their full exercise of liberty.***

12:55am said-"its your opinion, we respect that."
its true, we are entitled to our own opinions. Way But-anay!

i would like to know what will happen to the Bacolod Family case? im just wondering.

Anonymous said...

There are too many differences, too many bits of nuance to chase down and explain. There's barely any room for comparison beyond the most simplistic of similarities.

Anonymous said...

TO: Karajawan sa Dinagat isls

makasabot ka ug binisaya? naa bay gidamay nga myembro? naa bay gidaut? ang gihisgutan ang kaso! ang pangutana sa uban kung kanus-a ma pinal ang disisyon. you are the one trying to start the fire!!! ikaw ang gusto nga madamay ang ordinaryong myembro!

cagdianao hi-breed

Mystic! said...

To CAgdianao Hi-Breed:

Let us move forward! stop all this nonsense politically-related noises!

Dili ta mutan-aw sa buling sa uban kay basi jaoy ato "dakong muta" sa ato mata!

hammer said...

natural ra ni nga discussion kay si mr. ecleo giakosahan man sa mga pasangil nahitabo sa diha pa siya sa puwesto. public official man so dili siya exempted sa scrutiny sa public.
pero ug nambabaye unya ang nanaway mao sad, mo-apply na imo giingon mystic.
kini ato gihisgotan dire lahi. wa koy gilabanan pero basta public official ta naa tay tulobagon sa mga nagboto nato. ang dili ra angayan mangutana or moreklamo kadto rang gibaligya ang ila buto ug kadtong mga tax evaders.

Anonymous said...

to mystic!

ang mga politiko/opisyal nga mga dili maayo ang binuhatan ang wala'y katungud mo comment. pareho na sila tanan!
ang mga ordinaryong dinagatnon nga wala'y "MUTA" sa mata, dili pwede mo comment?

Anonymous said...

kun-o pa man baja ini matapos na kaso?

Anonymous said...

to all the pro-ecleo commentators..
kamo no laban ra kamo ky master man nijo... pero kung di pa kamo miyembro i dont think na molaban mo ky ecleo..
kung tinud-on gajod jaon na kaso sa gobyerno dili sudlan nan pulitikas just like marcos he will be proven guilty without doubt...
i think daghan mo testify kaso lang hadlok sa mga ecleo..
yah we dont have the right to judge the person until proven guilty but in this case the RESPONDENT is already judge by the majority of everyone who knows about his case....
hinaut unta that true justice will prevail in this case..

Olong Buotan said...

Oo bitaw, we want not just true, but "GENUINE JUSTICE" as well...kay kami ang hingtungdan ug ang among grupo maoy gi-igo menten sa taga media, and we want to clean, defend and protect the unblemished name, integrity and reputation of our group.

Ang problema lang sa uban mga commentator particularly those "non-members" ky murag idug-no na man dajon and hingtungdan.

Can we exercise impartiality at this time?

The "membro's" had long been suffering not just the agony but the painful ordeal against the injustices of the many people of Surigao del Norte and even mainland Dinagat Islands.

They went on calling the "membro's" by names, such as "singsingan's, "kamanting's" and worse, "kulto's". These painful remarks coming out from the mouth of our "lumad" brethrens signifies their mentality to "isolate" the "membro's" from the mainstream of our society.

Mao ba diay ni ang tinuod nga kolor sa demokrasya sa atong nasod?

Unta naay himuon ang congress nga balaod "Enacting the Code of Professionalism and Ethical Standards for Journalism and Mass Media in the Phiippines" which would categorically penalize the "unlawful gathering of falsified news and information which tends to debase, destroy and attacks the personality of any person or persons holding previous government posts".

Dapat pud unta nga e-require unta sa COA nga ang tanan elected public official prior to the end of their term of office, to secure clearance of property and financial accountabilities, in order to ensure transparency.

Ug kun naay mo kaso sa public official bahin sa alleged commission of graft while he/she is no longer in government, aw PROBLEMA NA SA COMMISSION ON AUDIT kay nag-issue na man ug Clearance. Kun mo-issue ug clearance ang COA it means of course, nga cleared na ang tawo ug wala nay xia tulubagon pa. Any complaints or legal claims arising out from the performance of his job while he is no longer connected in gov't. office, will be the problem of COA.

Kasagaran man gud "kalaban" sa politika maoy magpa-otingkay sa tanan records, ug naa puy uban mga two diha sa sulod goberno nga mobuhat ug katingalahan butang in conspiracy of the lost political opponents, in order to seek revenge. Mo-peke sila ug mga records, bisan way anomalya butang-butangan gyud ug records nga makadaot. (bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, wag magalit!)

Bisan kinsa gyud nga dating politiko bisan kapitan ra,dali ra makasohan kay way legal nga depensa nga giguntan, like "clearance issued by the COA".

Lata gyud ang sistema sa atong goberno.

Uban taga media pataka na lang ug yawyaw bisag way basihan..."no-holds barred policy " kuno.

Mao nga nukanat sa tibuok nasod dugangan pa sa mga tabi-an nga mag tawo, isan gyud. Unsaon man pud nga in the media world, "BAD NEWS, IS G O O D NEWS!!! man.

Pero sagdi lang 'do..., kay muabot ra ang panahon nga "kitang tanan managsama" pag-abot sa taknang panahon.

"Matam-is kanunay ang magpaubos".

Sa kaulahian, anaa kanamo ang kataposang KATAWA.

Libjo citizen said...


Ang ato unta mga taglaong pa, "governmental instrumentalities" like COA, OMBUDSMAN, CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION ug ang tanan mga ahensya na naa sa atong REvised Administrative Code of 1987, maghimo ug mga lakang or guideliness that will afford and ensure the ample protection of our former elected politicians against any civil, criminal or administrative charges.

Mura man gud ug an government naghimo ug "la-ang" nga ang masipyat pagpanaw, sulod gyud sa ilalum".
Murag gi-bitik ra ba.

Halimbawa, c mayor Llamera mo end na iya term, dapat an COA mo-issue ug clearance after "proper audit" of all transactions. Any complaints which are basically pertaining to the performance of his function as mayor before in the LGU, will not be given due course by our Courts because having a clearance issued by COA in his possession, itself, sufficient to justify in all legal sphere, that he has been relieved of all legal claims or whatsoever.

and if, upon proper review of any competent higher tribunal, the audit of all financial records made by CoA regarding the subject mayor appears to be fraudulent, fictitious or done with malice, it's already the problem of COA.

Anonymous said...

**Mao ba diay ni ang tinuod nga kolor sa demokrasya sa atong nasod?


ingon nga lumad, wa man ko personally magpasakit ninyo mga PBMA bisan ug gamay nga mga sulti ngani daghan man kog amigo nga mga myembro. pero sultihan tika nga dili ninyo usab mabasol ang uban lumad tungod kay kamo ang nakapausab sa HULAGWAY sa eleksyon sa ISLA SA DINAGAT. WA NAY LUMAD SA MGA LUNGSOD SA DINAGAT, CAGDIANAO, SAN JOSE, UG BASILISA NGA MODAUG UG MAYOR UG WAY SUPORTA SA INYO MGA LIDER TUNGOD KAY UG UNSAY ILA SUPORTAHAN MAO SAD INYO BUTOHAN. DEMOKRASYA PA NA?

Anonymous said...

An tinuoray kita tanan corrupt.
Siguro ang uban nag comment naa sa trabaho... corruption kana kay gigamit nimo ang imong oras sa pag post. Siguro batasan sa uban pag abot sa opisina inig ka bunta mokuha ug usa ka palid sa onion skin paper i trapo sa lamesa. Kung tibuok pilipinas mohimo ana (government office) dako na nga kwarta mawaya adlaw adlaw.

Naay uban diha nga sige ug estoryahay bisan naa sa trabaho. Ang uban late motungha sa opisina usahay pangitaon pa kay naay tawo naghuyat.

Ang uban nahimong corrupt kay nagpabayad sa election etc. etc. etc.etc. siguro nasina kamo kay ginagmay ra ijo nakuha.... kung mangawat man gani kinahanglan dinagko para sulit.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous 8:38
100 percent gajod ako nag agree sa imo tag-laong..
as far as i read all the comments waya mn gajod nag atake sa PBMA as a group.. ang mga tao nag comments directly pra sa kaso ni ecleo.
with regards sa voting system sa PBMA tinuod gajod jaon kung uno mando sa ijo master waya gajod mahimo ang miyembro kung di mosunod sa tingog sa ilang master.
di mn sa pag degrade sa mga PBMA apan tungod sa systema usahay sa inyong grupo daghan mga lumad ang ma discourage sa inyong presensya sa matag lugar nga aduna inyong member.. labina panahon sa eleksiyon.
to anonymous 5:46 tinuod ka tanan siguro sa atua in a way nka kurakot ta maski asa ta nagtrabaho either government or private sector.. so for that reason kita ba tanan kasuhan ana?
of course not.
pero ang pag pangurakot sa gobyerno in wwwaaaayyyyyy that makes somebody a millionaire is way too much..
im not saying that im okey with small time corruption.. no,no,no sir..
kung mahimo sa gobyerno kasuhan tanan tawo who commit corruption small time and big time im 100 percent into it.
i really hope na ecleo's case will be watch by the sandiganbayan and they will 100 percent serve true justice in this case... purya under the table.. :))

Sheperd said...


***********T U B A G**************


Unity in Christian Faith

The PBMA or the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, Inc., subscribes to sacred unity. This is absolute unity, for in this unity Christ and the Organization are joined together or united (John 17:23, 21).

We observe this unity in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to the glory of God (I Corinthians 1:10; 10:31). Division or schism is strictly forbidden because Christ is not divided. Divisions and strife are earthly, sensual, and devilish (I Corinthians 1:10, 13; James 3:14-15).

The PBMA observes unity even in electing public officials (Philippians 2:2-3; I Corinthians 1:10). This is not interference in politics, but in obedience to God’s commandment. This unity is never betrayed by a true member of the organization, even if some would be displeased.

THE UNITY OF the PBMA is one of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible. This is an attribute that can never be removed from our group because according to the Bible which is the basis of our faith, the Church is one body whose head is Christ (Col. 1:18). Hence, as Apostle Paul says, "For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another" (Rom.12:4-5).

In order to fulfill and to preserve the unity of the members of the PBMA, the apostles taught, as a matter of doctrine, in I Corinthians 1:10 that all members of the organization should be of one mind and one judgment. They also strictly admonished the brethren in the organization against the evils that would result if they allowed envying and strife or disunity to arise among themselves.

According to the apostles/ envying and strife are worldly, unscriptural, and demonic, and this we can read in the epistle of the apostle James to the Christians in chapter 3, verses 14 through 15.

It is necessary therefore that we uphold and preach the unity of the organization which is a direct mandate from God. This is the essence of the true Christian organization. Unity is inseparable from the organization. It is one of the essential parts of the beliefs of the organization. It is one of the qualities that make an organization the true and prophesied organization.

Unity is not only practiced by the PBMA in the exercise of suffrage or in electing government officials. In all ways and in various endeavors the organization is united. The organization is united in the manner of administering the members who are now found in different parts of the world; there is unity in the set of rules and regulations followed by all the members as the administration of the organization is highly centralized.

The organization is unified in the doctrines taught to all members.

There is uniformity in our faith. There is uniformity in the administration of the finances of the organization. Our brethren are united in the fulfillment of all doctrines and regulations pertaining to our faith. In short, unity pervades all aspects of the existence of PBMA as an organization.

Thus, if the PBMA observes unity in the exercise of the right of suffrage, this is not for the sake of any candidate or political party but as the a way of fulfilling teaching of God as written in the Holy Scriptures. The PBMA has been voting as one ever since the very instance that Filipinos voted for the president of the country during the Marcos period.

But let no one ever think that this unity is implemented in any dictatorial manner. So how does the PBMA Administration make" decisions on issues where the unity of the organization is required? We follow the way of the apostles. During their time, whenever there were issues that tended to divide the early organization (not religion; because Christ did not establish a church but an organization of worship only in accordance with the divine plans.) founded by Christ Himself, those concerned would bring the problem to the attention of the administrator of the organization. After the PBMA Administration heard both sides of the issue, only then would the administrator make a decision and such decision would be final and binding to all. This manner of making decisions is followed by the present administration of the PBMA. The Chapter Presidents and Officials who are in charge of the different regional and provincial chapters as well as delegations of the PBMA consult the members under their jurisdiction who represent the brethren in their area. These officials then bring their sentiments to the central administration and the final decision will be based on these consultations. The same democratic principle is upheld by the government of this country. The sentiments of the citizens are represented by the members of the Congress and the other elected leaders of the country. Hence, the unity practiced by the organization in the exercise of the right of suffrage is done taking into consideration the sentiments of the ordinary members.

We have been doing this, and we will continue doing this without asking or expecting any favors in return from any candidate or political party that receives the favorable decisions from this unity of the PBMA. Living witnesses to this are the honorable men and women who have been recipients of our unified votes not only once but on several occasions.

We do not expect anything from the government officials whom we vote for in elections but their implementation of the law fairly and without bias in favor or against anyone by reason of religious affiliation.

We are glad that today many of our government officials have open and broad minds and are prudent enough to refrain from favoring any groups, Christian organizations or religious denomination and are always ready to uphold and defend the constitutional principle of the right of man to freely practice his faith.

Anonymous said...

I am currently offered a job to work again in the Philippines (my country). I have calculated that I will pay an income tax of PHP 3.2 million if I will accept the offer.

Is it worth going back and pay this considerable sum knowing the fact that some of these money will end up in someone's pocket?

Anonymous said...

in John 17:21-23 Jesus prayed for all believers "THAT THEY MAY BE BROUGHT TO COMPLETE UNITY TO LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT YOU SENT ME AND HAVE LOVED THEM EVEN AS YOU HAVE LOVE ME". to unite with one belief that there is GOD and that He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life. The prayer did not say unite and have your own DIVINE MASTER so that during elections you do what he wants you to do.
Cor. 10:31 says: "..WHATEVER YOU EAT OR DRINK OR WHATEVER YOU DO, DO IT FOR THE GLORY OF GOD". i have been twice to your CONFERENCE during the summer and i observed that you glorify you DIVINE MASTER and not GOD.
Phil.2:2-3 talks about UNITY IN CHRIST. if read further to the fourth verse it says: EACH OF YOU SHOULD LOOK NOT ONLY TO YOUR OWN INTEREST, BUT ALSO TO THE INTERESTS OF OTHERS". how about the interests of the natives? go further and it says: EVERY TONGUE CONFESS THAT JESUS CHRIST IS LORD TO THE GLORY OF GOD THE FATHER. now who are you GLORIFYING? THE LORD OR THE YOUR DIVINE MASTER?


Anonymous said...

ang ijo unity mn gud no is for the benefit only of the few esp ang family sa inyo master..
ngano di mn mo individually motan-aw sa capability sa candidates? i believe maski you are in the same org you still have different perception on things.
so with that said dapat ang ijo master will give you freedom not just for the benefit of the few but it should be for the benefit of the majority. if your org really is concern and symphatize on whats going on in our community.
will, will, will...
now the topic focuses on the PBMA as a group when in fact were only talking on the issue of the conviction of ecleo here.
everyone only wants to see that our justice is not at all corrupted as much as our political system is.
no matter what we say in here it really doesnt matter at all because we all know that ECLEO REALLY DID IT SINCE HE IS CONVICTED ON IT.
mabuhay ang sandiganbayan!

Anonymous said...

Galatians 1:6-8 I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting the one who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel -- 7 not that there is another gospel, but there are some who are confusing you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. 8 But even if we or an angel from heaven should proclaim to you a gospel contrary to what we proclaimed to you, let that one be accursed! (NRSV)
2 Corinthians 11:3,4,13-14 But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by its cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ. 4 For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you submit to it readily enough. 13 For such boasters are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. (NRSV)

Anonymous said...


"Pero sagdi lang 'do..., kay muabot ra ang panahon nga "kitang tanan managsama" pag-abot sa taknang panahon.

"Matam-is kanunay ang magpaubos".

Sa kaulahian, anaa kanamo ang kataposang KATAWA."

pard, paghunahuna ug tarong before ka mag sulat! nagpakita lang kung unsa ka iresponsable kining tawhana! im taking your words seriously! ALWAYS REMEMBER, WE WILL DEFEND OUR HOMELAND AT ALL COST! KUNG MAO NA ANG INYONG PLANO, BARUGI NA!


Anonymous said...

-- shepherd, may mga tanong po ako regarding PBMA..

ang mga magulang ko po ay matagal nang members ng PBMA, for sure mas nauna pa sa inyo. kami po ay nagsusumikap na mamuhay ng mahigit 20 years sa isla. few years ago, ninais na po naming bumalik sa aming probinsya dahil sa matindinng kahirapan doon at higit po sa lahat, di na po namin maintindihan ang pamamaraan ng grupo.
marami po ang nag babawal sa aming umalis, baka may kapalit daw kung sakaling itutuloy namin ang pag-alis. sa tulong ng mga kamag-anak at iilang non-members, kami po ay naka alis ng patago.
ang tanong ko, bakit walang karapatan ang isang myembro na umalis at bumalik sa pinagmulan nya? matinding kahirapan ang tinatamasa ng mga myembro sa isla. marami po ang naghihirap, iilan lang ang sumagana ang kabuhayan.

-sa kabutihang palad, unti-unti na po naming naibalik ang aming buhay sa normal. ang mga magulang ko ay patuloy na naniniwala sa doktrina ng grupo subalit hinahanap-hanap nila ang pamamaraang aming kinagisnan.
- miss na miss ko ang aking mga kaibigan sa isla. naaawa po ako sa mga taong wala nang kakayahang umalis dahil sa takot at matinding kahirapan.

maraming salamat po mr. administrator sa pag publish ng sulat ko.
sana ay masagot ni mr shepherd ang mga katanungan ko.


Anonymous said...

murder case, tapos ito? You guys never learn don't you? Kahit anong mangyari, hindi niyo siya makukuha. Trials are meant to be challenging, but easy to overcome.

COME ON! Give us a break.

"Jealousy" is the word for this issue.


Anonymous said...

to anonymous 7:06
you said that because you know that even if ecleo is guilty because of your organizations money and power... he can still possibly get away with this..
for sure people that are leaving comments about ecleo are NOT JEALOUS!!!
its just so disappointing to see how so many members of the PBMA are so blinded on how they are manipulated by the ecleo's..
but you should remember even Ferdinand Marcos wasnt able to get away all the time by his wrong doings...
so no matter how wealthy and powerful a person is,,, of its his time to go down he's going down no matter what..
so dont be too over confident..

Anonymous said...

to 7:o6 pm " jealousy"

we are also from the municipality of dinagat, fortunately working outside the island. we were wondering about the bacolod case.what do you mean tapos na? tapos na ang case? WOW!

mas maayo diri sa libjo live kay naay freedom ang tanan. we keep on posting sa dinagat and san jose sites pero edited man tanan.

to elmer,

huwag ka nang mag tanong, tumahimik kana lang dyan. mabuti at naka alis kayo. marami pa akong relatives sa isla.


Anonymous said...

grabe naman ne dili jud basta2x ang pag sakit na maagian joh? puro na lng yawyaw wala nay sabtannay. dili raman diri ang gubot kund dili sa tanan2x nga lugar. kay wala diay mo kabalo sa binuhatan sa inyong opisyalis? naa pud uban tao ganahan nga mo boto para sa kaauhan pero mas daghan paman ang mo dawat og kwarta. kung mga threat lang pud ang hisgotan tingala man kog wala diha sa inyong mga kaugalinogon nga lungsod naay uban kaila nako nanibat na lng diri sa amo kay pang patyon tungod ra sa boto. grabe napud na patyon na jud tungod kay di sa mo boto! ang dili lng katarungan anang freewill to vote pilion man hinoon ang mga bogo. pastilan pud aning #1 na ang SK ninyo LIBJO!

Love SuckS!