Thursday, June 26, 2008

Libjo at First Rally

“Libjo? Nasa Pilipinas pa ba yan?” Those were my exact words the first time I heard of the town. For the past eight months I dreaded the idea of going to the islands, yet I know like the air that I breath, it is inevitable.

So, as a loyal subject, I decided to go and get it over and done with. With the smug smile on my face and all the positivism I could master, I go aboard on a journey to Libjo and mentally labeled it as “MY JUNE ADVENTURE”.

I was totally captivated by the serene view of twilight, and the chill of dawn that greeted me.

I thought I had my share of the trimmings during fiestas, because I’ve been to different places, yet nothing cautioned me for the assault of colors when I first saw the bandiritas…. all lined up on the streets of Albor…streets after streets.. corner after corners… as far as the eyes can see… giving one an ambiance of nobility and welcome.

Everybody is so warm and friendly, treating me like their long lost bestfriend…and telling me.. that I must stay for the Fiesta and got the chance to dance “kuratcha”…( I do not have any idea how that is being done,until i asked someone to explain)

How I wish I could…but pressing matters need to be attended to.. and since my work has been done, (although with some bumps and hallows along the way), I need to say goodbye to Libjo.

Never again though, will I ever look at the map, and see it as an insignificant island, because seven days ago, in this historic land mass, I embarked on a job and an adventure… where I had BOTH and something more. A lagniappe I call it. Story by Illusion


--lyn-- said...

cool. very poetic, sincere and real. thats why im proud to say im from Libjo...
so pipz-- what are you waiting for hop in and discover the serenity of Libjo Island.

illusion said...

Hi, Nico... Thanx for posting it. More power!!