Monday, May 05, 2008

Our LibjoLIVE!, Our Community

Blogger is really a great tool to publish information more so because it's for free. Our site Libjo LIVE! itself is not income generating. Lingaw lingaw lang ning ato (just for fun). What we are only paying for is the domain name . Now it is easier to remember ( than the previous. But we are not paying for the hosting and also not getting money from it. Our website is not for profit. We are not paid for posting our stories. Our main purpose is to have our community online (a place where we can all meet), create a central place for information about Libjo, Dinagat Islands and its municipalities and lastly to advertise our Internet Cafe in Libjo. If you have friends/relatives or looking for friends, this is the place to start. Our Cafe in Libjo can serve you on chat/webcam, email, sending pictures, downloading music and files and also scanning and printing pictures and documents. Our Cafe not like the others we don't encourage games for Childrens and we are not installing games on our work stations.

Our dream for Libjo was to make it the central for Information Technology (IT) in the Dinagat Island.In the past we sponsor “Excellent Student Promo” to help encourage high school students to study. Then after that we initiated a Java programming course delivered online with the help of Muthja as the instructor. Still, this plan is in progress.

Though running an Internet Cafe business in a town not that large like Libjo is kind of difficult. But still we are striving to survive. We want to provide the Internet service to the town and will continue to do so.

We also just want you to know we are on the process of upgrading our system. Our Satellite equipment in Libjo will soon be upgraded/replaced to Third Generation Satellite. A new and better technology of Satellite communication. We are expected to increase our speed and meaning faster download and upload. Tentative schedule of the upgrade is starting this coming 15th of May 2008.


DHENZ said...

Great job Nico!

Matt said...

Great effort nico. It's a commendable thing.