Friday, May 02, 2008

News: Dinagat to conduct "First People's Day Conference Forum"

To promote interaction among the constituents and the government, the provincial government of Dinagat will conduct the "First People's Day Conference Forum" on May 5-6 at Libjo Gymnasium, Municipality of Libjo, Dinagat Islands.

The two-day activity aims to promote and familiarize the new province to visitors, particularly the regional line agencies (RLAs) and to provide a venue for the constituents to bring issues and concerns directly to the local and the national government.

During the forum, the people will be encouraged to participate in thematic discussions on different areas of concerns such as trade and industry investment, livelihood and training, environmental development and management, policies, governance and private sector participation, health, education and sports, as well as infrastructure and utilities. Source


Anonymous said...

this is a good one. i just hope what will come out is just to polish any programs planned before we become a province. i mean this is not the very first step because it's bad kung magprobinsya una ta unja usa pa ta magplano.
i encourage all dinagatnons to join this activity for the good of our province.

rex malbacias said...

Guys correct me if I am wrong... Who are the constituents? and who is the government? I am an old hand and when I was young and studying social studies in grade 4 I was told that the people are the government!!! Does it changed NOW?

mat said...

Looking for work? check the link to Dinagat Job Bank. (upper right)

PIA said...

you're wrong rex, sorry. please ask your grade 4 teacher again.

Anonymous said...

PIA is right guys. "HARING LUNGSOD" doesn't exist anymore! don't bother asking your grade 4 teacher REX. what we learned before is totally changed now. "ang inyong ubos nga suluguon" now are the "honorables". i don't think the word describes them well.

mr. dinagatnon

Anonymous said...

This posting was taken from a press release by the Phil. Information Agency. Pls inform the agency if you have clarifications or corrections. Thank you