Wednesday, April 16, 2008

News: Arroyo to visit Dinagat island Wednesday

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is scheduled to visit this newly-proclaimed island province in the Caraga Region Wednesday to inaugurate a bridge that local officials said would help hasten the delivery of public services and spur economic development on the island.

On Wednesday, the President is scheduled to unveil the marker of a newly-completed bridge.

Dinagat Island Gov. Geraldine Ecleo-Villaroman, lone district Rep. Glenda Ecleo, and San Jose Mayor Benglen Ecleo will assist the President in the unveiling and ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Governor Villaroman said the President's visit underscores her sincerity in helping the province and in trying to uplift the lives of the residents.

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Anonymous said...

who are these people anyway? are they brothers and siters? oh my. no wonder you are the poorest province in the region.

Anonymous said...

Fellow anonymous, you undermined the leadership and the power of the newly created Dinagat province. Through the relentless effort of these executive officers, Dinagat became a province. Just sit back and watch my friend. Dinagat will emerge and rise as the model province of the Philippines. The world including you will be surprise how things easily change like the Global warming that no one thought happens as fast as it is. Again, just hold your horses and relax if you can do something good.

Anonymous said...

i once worked in a company in dinagat island afew years back and i saw the destruction of the beautiful island right before my very eyes. i hope that the surprise you said will happen in this lifetime coz the destruction of the island happened faster than global warming.

Anonymous said...

Can you please elaborate what kinds of destruction you are referring? These destructions can be eradicated depending the situation and the needs of the island in order to grow. There is always a price to pay when changes has taken place. NOTHING remain the same FOREVER.

Anonymous said...

ako na lamang ang motubag nimo 3:00pm. sama sa pag-uling, pag kaingin ug uban pang makadaut sa kabukiran. di ba makadala pod na ug global warming? naa pa bay bukid nga makita sa dinagat island? naa pa diay gamay, kanang gikuhaan karon ug kahoy.
sa among pag survey sa una, naa na sa critical ang sitwasyon sa inyong bukid. dili nalamang ta magpa buta-buta.
i hope dinagat will rise as a model province, not a model desert.
magpa abot mi sa imong surprise.

pls dont equate global warming with progress, its totally the opposite.

rex malbacias said...

******pls dont equate global warming with progress, its totally the opposite.
8:19 PM

I agree they're opposite, but moving forward to progress without considering the effects of the invironment... it may contribute... What happens is, most of the projects implemented in the Philippines are done due to political promises and the rush to fulfill those promise (if they politicians are true to their promise), triple bottom assessment/study was bypassed. I am very confident that NO environmental impact assessment being carried out, and social impact assessment happened!!! Those two I mentioned might contribute to the delay of project implementation but in the long run might save a piece of environment for future generation.