Thursday, April 24, 2008

Libjo's Miss Bikini Open Result

Tonight's Miss Libjo Bikini Open Result.

Major Awards:

Ms. Libjo Bikini Hype 2008- San Antonio
1st Runner up - Osmena
2nd runner up - San Jose
3rd runner up - Sto. Nino
4th runner up - Dona Helen

Minor Awards:

Miss Congeniality - Kanihaan
Miss Photogenic- Bayanihan
Miss Production Number-San Antonio
Miss Urban Amazon Attire- San Antonio
Beach Goddess Attire- Osmena
Miss AMPHIL Corporation - San Antonio
Best in Awesome Bikini- San Antonio
Miss Natasha- Bayanihan
Miss Hot legs- Sto. Nino
Pretty Face - Bayanihan

Click for more photos.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

hey, may we see some pictures of the reigning miss libjo 2008? any effort would be appreciated much.