Monday, November 26, 2007

Delivering Baby in Libjo

Ginhawa ug lawom Day... (Deep breath Girl). I heard it most of the time when nurses deliver a baby in Libjo's Albor District Hospital. It's good, husbands are not allowed to stay on the delivery rooms. They just stay and wait outside and have some drinks with barkadas (friends). If not I can imagine wives shouting in pain..”Ikaw gyud ang naka among aning sakita” ( You really is the reason why I get into this pain).

My mom works at this hospital few years back before she retire and pursue with her business. She handles delivery and operating room. Though I can peek and even went inside the delivery operations. No pain relievers like Epidural not even make the delivery quick or Induction with Pitocin. Most of the time delivery is done in natural. We don't have the advance equipment to check status of the baby. I remember I was 9 years old that time, my mom deliver a baby with two heads. One of the head came off but they all wonder why the baby is still stuck. Later on they made a CS (Ceasarian Section) operation just to save the mother. Unfortunately the mother also died.

Some times doctors here are really busy. They are On-Call 24/7. And they have to look for alternative ways and non expensive way of treatment. Much more if the patients can only offer a chicken in exchange for the service. But life is so simple. We don't need health insurance. We pay nothing for Insurance. None as in zero. Only when prescription is needed that's the time you need to pay. But remember the delivery of the baby I told you before? The new Dad came back and have with him Skyflakes (kind of crackers) and 4 liters of Coke for all the hospital employees. Thankful for the service and a kind of celebration for the new baby.


Anonymous said...

wow! ok ni nico.But when i told my daughter gaile that this is what i did before,she told me," dad,youre disgusting."hahaha


Anonymous said...

My kids knows baby's comes out from the butt hehehe. Kumusta ko nganha Gib. Hello to Gaile.


Anonymous said...

what`s the name of the baby? was he born on nov 26? wow, he will be a good child someday...


Buksoy said...

Is this the Libjo District Hospital?

Who were the nurses attending the patient?
I used to work there.

Anonymous said...

pwede ba laman kng taga saan ung nanganak?...baka kasi pinsan ko yan..hehehe!november kasi xa nanganak..