Thursday, October 11, 2007

Link: Radio Tubajon - Tambuli Radio Network

Tambuli is a community radio network founded in 1990. It cover twenty (20) remote communities in Philippines.

These communities didn’t know a broadcasting station about daily problems and solutions with help of community before Tambuli radio network. Others services are: present messages about local reunions, marriages, deaths, lost cattle, children lost, information about political decisions, agriculture services, etc. Tambuli Radio Network was the first broadcasting stations in Philippines where the government has had the control on many media for long time. Radio Tubajon FM 95.8. Read more ...


Anonymous said...

I majored in print media. With regards to your "paper" on "Radio Tubajon" let me give you my comments. Since, it is a group work, the style is a little bit on the hodge-podge. Also, there are minor grammatical and typograhical errors.
The erroneous part of your paper is the "facts". Prior to publishing, make sure that you have the exact,(again, may I stressed on it - exact)or accurate information on the subject your group discussed. Use citations and references from where your group obtained such "facts".
Your group's ending is okay -- passable. Though, it could be better by being neutral (writing as a First Person in journalism, that is, if your group intended to put in the paper as a report, is a no-no). Overall, keep writing. Eloquence and fluency can be obtained by perseverance and dedication in your work.

hammer said...

MC we are after of the GOOD INFORMATION regardless of how it is written. we don't care of the grammatical and typo errors coz this is not a regular newspaper with editors. what you're doing is you're trying to tell the people you are better than the writers. that's an act of what one MARIA described "helium". you're criticizing the way it is written but not THRILLED as the most of us are that there is a radio station in our adjacent town of which a GOOD DEVELOPMENT.
you majored in print media, now check your writings. use with regard not with regards. make stressed in present form not in past tense. and please revisit the GOLDEN RULE.