Sunday, October 28, 2007

Albor Libjo Wild Fire Oct 29.

So who set the fire? If you heard of the news about forest fires in California. It burns properties and even causes some deaths. There should really be something, someone who started the fire if not by accident. If someone does, he really knows what he's doing. He knows which place to start and with the winds blowing at high speed and its direction. He must have done such trouble with intentions.

Anyways, in our local news a fire also has started, sort of. If you'll know October 29 is the the Barangay election. Local or barangay election is unique. Not like national, provincial or the municipal level where fight focuses on a party versus another party, in Barangay level this is more of a personal a family versus another family fight. And this time in Albor Libjo the one running in both parties for Barangay captain belongs to the same family. Although they are of different last names now, but they really is based on the same family roots and depend of same votes. Splitting the family.

Family is the very basic level when it comes to social, political, health, education in the Philippines. If you create trouble at that level then you will see the consequence. Sources said money (vote buying) again will play a big role in this campaign. Well, I'm not sure family ties can be broken with money. We will just wait for the result.

So who then set the fire? Someone should have started and comes with the idea. And if someone does is he must be an expert in doing this and he has some purpose.

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Anonymous said...

It's a different story actually! Fire caused by hydrogen, helium and oxygen gases or a fire ignited through personnal interests? The point here is that, if politics in the lowest level (barangay)is misstakenly exercised by the people, and if the regulations of the COMELEC on vote buying prohibation is not closely implemented, nothing will be changed in our political system even in the highest level. I believed that the government is under by the COMELEC during election time( campaign period to election day). And they should coordinate the local peace officers in the regulations as stated in the Omnibus Election Code. Fire could be avoided if people will be educated on their roles as voters and be responsible in their choice.