Saturday, September 15, 2007


I remember when I was still in 4th year high school, during our 30 minutes recess period, my classmates agree to do pamokot (net fishing). Yes, we did! In that short period of time. While our male classmates do the pamokot, we females were just inside the baroto (canoe) on our school uniform and school shoes. Yes! In the middle of that deep dark blue sea! I somehow miss those adrenalin rush...has the canoe sure im dead, not because of shark attack but because my mother would kill me....but it's a lot of fun. "Panginhas" (collecting sea shells by the sea shore) is as much fun as pamokot. It is mostly done during very low tide except "saang" and "kuno" which can only be found at the deeper part of the shore. Sea shells like samong, aninikad, dayo-dayo, tamparong or suwaki(sea urchin), liboo(mud clam), tuway(sand clam), bayat(sea cucumber), or suga-suga(crab) are the various goodies you can find by the seashore

Saang, kuno ,aninikad and suwaki.

One tempting shoreline for "Panginhas" in Libjo.


Anonymous said...

muths, arang kalami sa kinilaw!!!
good job guys.

Anonymous said...

hmmm.... kalami pud ana oi, not only the sea shells but also the fish, makamingaw mana diha oi, matagal narin nd ako nakavisit jan sa libjo. . . sana nga lang may pagbbago na ang daan galing magsaysay papuntang cahayag..

Anonymous said...

Kalami manginhas diha oi... lamia sa saang... kabawo na tood mo mga Province na ang Dinagat finally... dire nako nakit an
Congratulations To The Province of Dinagat Islands!