Friday, September 14, 2007

Libjo Breeze and Fog

Have you heard of the a story during the world war Japanese airplane find difficult to navigate or could not find Dinagat Island because of the thick fog? It must be true. During early mornings in Libjo as far as Mt Pelhi and straight to Libjo bay area is all covered with fog. White thick fog until around 9 in the morning. That makes the place a little cooler. Mountain breeze as what they call it. It happens in the evening through the early morning. And it goes opposite direction in the midday coming from the bay going up to the land to the mountains. We call it sea breeze. We could not experience this is if we go inland or go somewhere in huge mainlands. In my opinion this is much pretty view compared to smog in Los Angeles California and Manila. This makes our temperature a little more moderated. When you are in the tropics this is not hot as you think. This could mean 75-85 degrees F all the time.

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