Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mud Crabs in Libjo

Among the family of crustaceans, Alimango (Mud Crab) tastes one of the best and in Libjo, these crabs basically grow in mangrove swamps. Its also known as Mangrove Crab, Muddy and Black Crab.

In 1980's to 1990’s, electricity in Libjo is available only for three hours, that is from 6pm to 9pm. After lights out, some of the townpeople hunt for the much sought crab by using spear (sapang) and flashlight since crab can easily be blinded by lights.

Three years ago, I convinced my cousins to go with me hunting for “alimango”. Our uncles were pessimistic about our female force but were amazed when we got a crab weighing 1 kilo. You can just imagine how loud our screams were!

These days, it’s not that hard to find some “alimango” if you feel like eating them since some are starting to culture it. One place which I know has ongoing business of this kind is Barangay Llamera where the price per kilo ranges from Php 130-150.


Anonymous said...

arang kalami sa alimango. mag inum ko antihistamine kung maka bakasyon lo diha.


Anonymous said...

Mao ba? Naa na diay nag-culture ug alimango sa Libjo? Kalami baja ni kung mangbakasyon ta? How about pasayan o hipon? Naa na pod? Kalami ba lamang paminawn parisan ug bahal.. Ahhhhh.....