Sunday, July 22, 2007

Padala in Libjo Dinagat Islands

Padala in our own definition differs from standard courier and mail service. Courier in the Philippines is LBC, DHL or FedEx for international shipping and mail service is done by Philippine Postal Corporation or Phil Post. Our Padala operates in different way. Usually Padala is something sent through a friend, a relative or someone we know. Almost free of charge much more if it is dub ‘pa-padala lang’. Saving the cost for courier. Padala is a Filipino tradition. Padala from the States and from relatives from the Middle East. We can Google ‘Padala’ with lots of different results. One says ‘it’s the cheapest way to send money’. Other says ‘Gift delivery for the Philippines’. ‘Easier way of giving Pinoy goodies to relatives and friends’ and more.

In Libjo our version of Padala is described as delivery of various stuff. Stuff like letters, packages, orders or sometimes cash. For someone who does the job this is a career. Called transport handyman for times this individual live merely by tip (pang tricycle, snacks). And because they are considered trader they pay no fare. Looks like part of the crew but they are not. They help on the crew on daily task in the boat. The main job is they handle wholesale orders from the stores. They are very important person. Of course everyone knows them. But this is also sometimes a risky business. They are trusted to carry 10’s of thousand of cash. And when it involves cash it always has temptation and risk of being robbed. This business is based on trust and building it takes time. Besides they have to learn to survive storms, waves and be a shipper. Basically live in a boat. Padala mostly works in places where no courier operates or since it is cheaper than courier.


Anonymous said...

mao na ang pantalan nga amo bingwitanan.-gib

Anonymous said...

Mao pod ni na pantalan na magpa-alsa kaw og computer ang bayad 500 pesos, arang ka mahal sa labor ambot waya may nakasagda ani ila man iparihas sa surigao city, na ang pantalan hapit naman gani mahugmak,basin mautro ang nahitabo sauna nga nahuyog si debie nabuyasot kay mitanaw sa patay sa nalunod na san benito