Thursday, June 21, 2007

Libjo Motocross Competition 2007

Where are all the people go? It’s fiesta day and nobody is in town. What happened here?
This is what happens when hosting a one of a kind event. Some sort of magnet, attraction gathers people to the place and nobody is left in the house to celebrate fiesta (I mean to prepare food and entertain guests.) Racetrack is located kilometer away from the downtown. So when the game started most of the people is in the race watching.

I talk about this before this is Habal-habal country. Kids even ladies knows how to ride a motorbike. That brings excitement to everyone if event like this happens.

The only thing is … Muthja is so busy she missed to get the names of the riders and who win the competition. (Photo by Melody Llamera)

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Anonymous said...

do you have local riders in Libjo town?,,if meron sna i post nu pra makilala namin kung cno cla,,,,