Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time to Reconcile and Move-on

I really enjoyed the part of the election when we have a chance to go to the barangays and met some of the local people, handshakes, welcomes, jingles and most of all riding my motorbike with my girlfriend :-).

Indeed Libjo has a peaceful election. With about 70 percent turnout from more than 10 thousand voters is a good figure.

But results in my mind are not just simple as looking at the numbers. There is something more. Beyond the figures I can tell lots of things we can relate. It reminds me of my favorite download website. Where I can sort files by size, highest user ratings, price (if for sale), date added, A to Z (in alpha) and by popularity. In the same manner I can also sort our election result in; how much friends did I make during the campaign and foes? How much money did I spend or otherwise? Did I make people happy during the campaign? Did I enjoy it myself? How many votes did I get? Cause I could be popular and nobody remembers me in the ballot because I have no party. And that is what is party is all about, shared resources and shared campaign. That includes distribution of sample ballots.

A different candidate has different tactics and styles. Each has its own way of doing “tili-tili” or vote buying; each has its own “plataporma” or plan. Some monopolizes transportation “habal-habal” in there advantage, some played Robinhood to get more votes and some just asked voters “singit lang” insert their names in the ballot.

Sad to say I have two high school teachers that were not included in the magic 8. One who taught me how to build poultry and one who once told me after I answer his geometry question, "there many ways to kill the dog, but this time the dog will kill you." Not to add insult to injury but this people I'm telling about helped mold me of what I am today. And just wished there could be 10 open positions to fill.

"Ug na hulog ang laing tabil ning atong sugilanon" in just plain english - end of the story. Congratulations to all who won the election and its time to reconcile and move-on for the brighter future.

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