Sunday, May 20, 2007

News: Vote Commerce - Buying and Selling

Why go out and buy votes when voters themselves come knocking on the candidates’ doors to sell them?

“It was vote-selling and vote-buying combined and we want to correct the media and NAMFREL reports that it was vote-buying only when it was, in fact, vote-selling to the hilt,” they said.

In Dinagat Island, buying was allegedly pegged at P200 to P500.

“If we will not do it, others will do it for their benefit and look what happened to local bets who did not resort to vote-buying and selling, even if they are qualified and dedicated, they all lost,” the bets justified.

“Everything now has its price tag,” Plaza said. Read More..


Anonymous said...

How about this... Vote Commerce is good for our country's Economy!

Lot said...

So sad for those candidates who are very much qualified and has sense of purpose in running for post but don't have the resources to buy votes, no chance at all...

Anonymous said...

Dili na lang ta kandidato jud ug wala'y funding. hehe!