Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News: Politicians Extend Term, Perks with New Turfs

Last December, most of Surigao del Norte voters approved the creation of Dinagat Island into a province. Although only 45 percent of the registered voters voted--with the “yes" votes winning by a mere 6,000 margin--the results practically handed the island to the Ecleos on a silver platter.

The Ecleos have established a fiefdom in the island since the 1960s through Ruben Ecleo Sr., the family’s patriarch and mayor of Dinagat town for 24 years until his death in 1987.

Twenty years after his death, the clan is still thriving. More so after the island became a province. Read more


Anonymous said...

Reason why the Philippines will never progress from a Third World Nation to a country which can sustain her citizens. Corruption is so engrained in each and every government official from the lowest to the highest person in office that their really is no way out.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is a "mind conditioning" that voters used to think of the politicians, and that gives the politicians enough reason to perpetuate on it.

Sometimes, you have to blame yourselves by receiving those material gifts from the politicians, especially during campaign period. And, sad to say that because most voters belong to the poverty level, they tend to be an indirect accessory of the crime committed by those in positions. In physics, they call it the "chain reaction" or we may state it this way, "in every action, there is always the equal or opposite reaction."

Don't take the "prime" in order to avoid the "succession." You know what I mean.