Thursday, May 24, 2007

Global Warming in Dinagat Island

Growing population and advancement of technology always has effect on environment and news is there to let us know. If you could remember not too long ago we have the Y2K experience. The computer bug result of the transition of the year from two digits ‘99’ to four digits ‘2000’. News made us aware of what will happen if time will go backward instead of going forward. We were told to make sure our computers comply with the requirements. Companies updated software; firmware and all time related programs and we prepare extra food in our shelves. That was eight years ago. But before that we also heard of Acid rain. As pollution get worse, rain will fall in a form of acid. Rain is undrinkable. Then, holes in the ozone layer that cause cancer. All related to population and industrialization. And what’s the latest? Global Warming.

Let me tell you a story. According to Popoy Dinagat Island is just floating and is carried by an old bearded man. (Gipas-an lang daw ning Dinagat). As this man is getting old he’s getting tired. There comes a time when Dinagat will sink to the bottom. I told my brother about the floating tale, he said it is really true. Really? Yes, since all land is just floating in melting magma. Maybe not.

One time I watch a show in PBS (public television) about Tuvalu. Remember the domain name dot TV? It is actually taken from the nation of Tuvalu not from the word ‘Television’. In the show some New Zealand residents visited their home land Tuvalu to see the Island one last time before it will sink. They believe if carbon emission will not be controlled this land will disappear in the future. This island in the pacific found this pot of gold from the registration of the top Internet domain name dotTV. They use part of this assets supporting United Nation fight against Global Warming.

Global warming will cause seawater to rise. And water rising is cause of the melting of polar ice and the warming of the temperature. Now back to Dinagat, unlike Tuvalu Dinagat has mountains. But except San Jose most of our towns is located next to the shoreline. Will this affect us too? Will this soon become like Y2K and acid rain an issue from the past? What if the old bearded man really gets tired? What will we do?


Anonymous said...

well just to remind all the people kong sige magpadayon ang tanan mining sa intire dinagat thats possibe na ang dinagat muonlod na gyod...protect the forest and preserved...

Anonymous said...

Rising if it will happen will not happen overnight. It takes couple of years before it will rise a foot. So we have lots of time to react.