Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Election 2007 Result Update

Official Result from Board of Canvassers for Libjo, Tubajon and Loreto. We still have no data from Basilisa, Cagdianao, Dinagat and San Jose at this point.
Libjo Result -
Gov. Jade E. Villaroman-5154
Vice.Gov- Elvis Dela Merced-4969

Board Members:
Merlinda Lagroma-3550
Gracelyn Ecleo- 3249
Domingo Torotoro-3736
Rolizabeth T. Ladaga - 3116
Ukem Ecleo - 3540
Marmito Lutgardes - 2211
Stalin Tan -2061

Mayor: Lamberto Llamera-6360

Vice Mayor:
Romy Villarosa-3528
Ali Cabajes - 3207

1. Roger Magpatoc - 5576
2. Frank Areglo- 4263
3. Jack Llamera- 3714
4. Junior Dacles - 3540
5. Lourdes Creencia-3294
6. Ebong Cabajes- 3230
7. Jimmy Taasan-2664
8. Cuay Simbajon-2629

Dodo Edera - 2537
Aurora Pertos - 1819
Liezl dela Cruz - 1720
Amy Baynosa-2563
Boy Dellera-2550
Kawit Conales - 2405
Luz Bua - 2531
Nick Oriat - 1592
Pedring Malbacias- 2171

Tubajon Result -
Mayor: Ronald Luib
Vice Mayor: Romeo Vargas

Maura Lasco
Jorvie Agbo
Charlemagne Vargas
Benjie Manto
Sandy Tan
Glenn Anover
Boilito Torotoro
Nacencia Llamera

Loreto Result -
Mayor: Doandre Bill Ladaga
Vice Mayor: Dario Pelismino

Absalon Colandog
Reynaldo Elan
Pretsy Semorlan
Ali Adlawan
Alfonso Gajol
Jacint Gulles
Ricardo Aspirin
Andreson T. Ladaga


Tony G.- Chicago said...

Congratulations to my cousin Romeo Vargas for winning the Vice Mayorship in Tubajon. When is the blow out Do. We will visit you one of this days. Maybe when the high school in Mabini is completed. Pag-andam ug mga ilimnon ha. Long time no see.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Vice Mayor Villarosa!!!

Once again thank you for the hospitality...our stay in your beach house was splended. Nice place!

(Fl, USA)