Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jerrys Style Shopping in Libjo

Most likely if your from Libjo Dinagat Island or Surigao you know what I'm talking about. Jerrys is a shopping mall in Surigao City a different kind of store concept than Sari-sari where shoppers will choose what kind of item they're going to buy and pay it at the checkout counter. Long been in places but new to the town this idea gives customers ease, choice and less man power and meaning less expense to run a store. And much better if in result customers gets back the saving by cheaper goods.

Different stores has different concept. Stores in the US for example have some of these cost savings measures. Let the customers use their 25cents coin to borrow a shopping cart. That is they don't employ (pay) people to keep shopping carts in one place since shoppers will take care for it themselves. Cut the cost of shopping bags or baggers (you have to pay for the bags). Run a store with only 2 personnel. And bring the prices down to the advantage of the customer.

Anyways, the store I’m telling here will soon rise in front of Gotiay's residence in Libjo. Remember the old house next to the Tyang-gihan (Mercado)? The building is still under construction.

I'm just hoping here, establishment like this be successful and pay more taxes and not be considered a Sari-Sari business.

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