Monday, April 02, 2007

Island's Way of Life and Diet by Richard Parker

Richard Parker's from UK now lives half each year in GL (General Luna) in Siargao. He is currently doing a study about the way of life and diet in the Philippines particularly in the Island of Siargao. He also owned and managed a website containing rich information about Seashore Food, Early Human Diet, Fishing, Fruit & Vegetables, Animals and the Philippines itself. Information mostly related to Siargao but since Dinagat and Siargao is a just neighbor, the two islands share some common culture. This is a good source of information for those of you who want to know more about our culture in the Island. That is from an outsiders (foreigner) point of view. You can visit his site at

By the way this is some of what he says about our LibjoLIVE!:
Your weblog is wonderful. I enjoy it greatly. I also liked your post about spider fighting - I've only just learned about this (lawa ???) and it sounds fun. Perhaps we could organise a Siargao/Dinagat Spider Derby, and give a lot of pleasure to those who cannot afford to maintain fighting cocks or Manny Paquiao.

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