Thursday, March 22, 2007

Your Message to the Graduates 2007

Muthja will deliver a speech to the high school graduates of 2007 in Albor National High School. I made some tips I want to share to the graduates. I hope she could insert all this to her message. You can also include yours by posting a comment.

Starting from here..
-Don’t marry to soon – you still need to earn more for that. Asa ra na.
-Learn to speak English since call centers are looking for English speakers.
-Take certification exams like programming, computer application or Information Technology.
-Learn your keyboard, learn how to Type and how to use Computers. We are getting to information tech age. Everything is done thru computers.
-Take Nursing course – The US still hiring for more nurses.
-It’s not too late. Learn how to drive, bike, motor if available a car and learn to swim.
-Build a plan for your future and make it happen.
-Make more friends.

I know not everyone can afford to go to college. Future is much better with college degree but success is not always measured the same. You could be a successful businessman with out finishing college. Pacqiuao didn’t finish high school even (just taken an exam and granted a diploma). That is if you start a boxing career. Meaning you have much much brighter tomorrow since you finished high school.. Good Luck!

Please add your message to the graduates… post a comment thanks.


Anonymous said...

Here are some of my advise to the newly graduates:

* Take a course that is in high demand today to make you competitive tomorrow.

* Believe in yourself and be strong whatever challenges may come. Be independent and learn to stand on your own feet.

* For those who are planning to take Computer courses, buy your own computer so that you can learn fast and you have more time studying rather than depending only on your computer lab. Be focus on your studies and for sure there are huge opportunities waiting for you.

* For Nursing, be focus on your studies and be good enough in your English communication skills. USA has a never ending demand of NURSES.

* Gentlemen's favorite "NAUTICAL": Try not to be naughty in your studies. Make your grades excellent because there are many shipping agency that will hire you even if you dont have "baker".

Just remember that millionaires was not born to be rich. They also started from scratch and work hard.

"Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity"

Congratulation to the newly graduates!


Anonymous said...


this is just the beggining of your journey.... take one step at a time in fulfilling your dreams...

keep this always in your mind that "there's a blue skies waiting tomorrow"

once again, congratulations!