Friday, March 02, 2007

Weather and its Political Connection

When it comes to international news, we always hear of snowstorm, blizzard, tornado and hurricane. Sounds foreign of course we don’t have one. And of course we cannot afford to have. For us in Libjo and us Filipinos we always dream of snow and cold. But it’s not easy to get the same temperature to get snow. First of all our houses are not design for the cold. A lot of people will die if we have cold temperature. Imagine water system frozen including toilets? We need water and air heater to warm our homes. Need another fund? We need another set of clothes and another type of transportation. And snow needs to be plow and clean up from our roads. Our government doesn’t even have a budget to make roads, much more to clean up snow. But don’t worry we don’t have one.

What I’m thinking was because the US or any cold country with such adversary’s people tend to cooperate in result provides a great government services. With such common problem like weather good government is critical. They should function and coordinate so residents will get comfortable living. And so people choose to elect public officials for what is right because lives are at stake. With this unusual climate, culture and government tends to work differently.

For us in the Philippines we always think we are lucky to have a close constant temperature all year round. We don’t have fall or spring or winter. Boring as you might think but its not. Since we can enjoy the beach and outdoors all the time. We can do things, work tomorrow or the next day. Maniana maniana mamaya na. We can build houses bahay kubo, road that works with the minimum sub standard qualities. Basta na lang. And every thing is okay. Climate is so perfect no wonder we are called Paradise Island in the Pacific. Everything lives here. We are paradise for crocodiles, wild animals and also some corrupt public officials.

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