Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why do we run for office?

It really makes me ponder why a person wants to own a public office? Is it because of power? For money, since public office is another kind of business? Control, so you can run a business without red tapes? Fame, so you will be popular and can spend more during fiesta or become Ninong/Ninang on every wedding? Or just simply because they cannot find a job that can makes a good living? Does it mean if only we have good livelihood we will not aspire to run for office? And what makes it so special?

It is a public office. Public officials are servants for the people not gods. People don't worship them or give them offerings. And they will not own slaves. Can anybody explain to me why he or she spends money for election to win?

FYI. I have a friend named Amstrong. He's my partner in crime during my high school days. Now he's the barangay captain in one of barangays in Libjo.


Anonymous said...

in the old days this was the reasons why people run for public office:
in our days, this is it:

50. FAME


although there are other reasons but this is how i see it. and i think this answers the question.
if you're running for a seat in congress and spend P10M in the elections, it's just small compared to the PORK you will received once elected. MONEY!
in congress, pass a bill to make your place a province. and once approved, ask the president to appoint your daughter to be the interim governor and the other one a board member. POWER!

Anonymous said...

the voters in our time also changed. that's why a candidate have to spend money in the elections. their votes are for SALE.

Anonymous said...

simply .....because of..... prestige!!!

zenith said...

My grandfather told me once... he said....."PUBLIC OFFICE IS THE LAST RESORT OF THE INCOMPETENT"....

Anonymous said...

I think you missed one point... when you're a member of PBMA and you are in office they will worship you and give you offerings. And you will own slaves. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

because we want change. because it is the only way that we can change the bad things that most of our goverment officials are doing right now. we run for office to gain power to help the people and make change. it is not making money because we can construct our own business to gain more money easilly. public office is for power to make change in the goverment. we saw the bad things that our goverment officials are doing yet we just stand and do nothing like a coward. why dont we step up and run for office if we have the capacity. cause we're all just cowards and don't have any guts to do it. we already know that our goverment officials are doing bad things yet we do nothing. what a shame!