Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Breaking News: Pump Boat Capsized 3 Dead

Bad weather believed to be the cause a boat accident resulted in 3 deaths in Libjo. The pump boat named "Punta Villa" capsized due to heavy waves and wind. The named boat is owned and is the personal transport of Libjo Vice Mayor Villarosa. Names of the victims still unknown.

Correction: A farming family of 6 from Balite traveled across Libjo Bay using their own pump boat and capsized close to barangay Quezon. Three of the kids died. The family believed to be a member of Plaridel PBMA Chapter which Villarosa is the head. “Gipanggutom naman gud to sila bisan bayod niresgo lang gihapon sila kay mag kuha ug bugas sa Kaitan” our source Danny Sarsadillas said. (They’re hungry and no food to eat, so they just decided to cross to get some rice in Kaitan – barangay Plaridel).

It was mistakenly reported since the term used is "sakop ni villarosa" so literally, it is believed to be their worker and assumed they are using the punta villa pumpboat.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

It's a was a false report....Please update this posting.

Rommel & Mylah Villarosa

Aida Ebol Deloach said...

It's understandable for this reporter to make such an honest mistake or no ligitimate sources whatsoever. Come on people, give this individual a break...this is libjolive we're talking about. By the way, just out of they even get paid??????....just kidding.