Saturday, December 16, 2006

LibjoLIVE! Excellent Student Awardees

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our recipients of Excellent Student Promo Award.

Kyvell Lhaoa S. Angob
Teacher Mrs.Patual

Gretchen Torijos
Teacher Ms. Euzel Cabeza - Math

Judee P. Crispo
Jefford Jay P. Crispo
Teacher Mrs. Bustillo

Nessa B. Ontoy
Teacher Marlo Patual - Math

Aldren B. Goriding
Ramel A. Caitum
Teacher Helen Sarno - Chemistry

List of names to be continued...


Anonymous said...

My aunt is Ms.Euzel Cabeza.

Zari said...

Ms.Euzel Cabeza is my aunt.

Anzkie said...

Hello teaCher helen,my last name is sarno also.Frm iloilo.God bless you.