Saturday, December 30, 2006

Just do it Dinagat!

I remembered one time in my class at University of San Carlos in Cebu we were having an exam, a mathematical one and it says "Solve this problem by Nike". The question that comes to my mind was What? Nike? This was during that time when Nike was very popular with Michael Jordan, the NBA basketball player and known to it's advertising phrase "Just do it!".

Just do it! Do what you can do, I don't care how you do it. Just do it no matter how.

And it sometimes reminds me of things that needs to be done. At work, school and on every day, excuse doesn't work. I'm late because of the traffic. I'm in the wrong building during a scheduled interview. Internet connection is not up because someone's hacking the system. In reality, it’s my job to leave early so I will not be caught by the traffic. It’s my job to verify if I’m in the right address before time. And it's my duty to make sure my system is up and running and safe from hacker.

No matter what, it’s about setting out goals, our mission and doing it. A good planning and good execution of the plan. "One Family, One OFW" is a good objective for Dinagat. What are the keys to make this a successful one? One Good School, Certified Teachers, Scholarship, Advance Equipment and Hands-On Experience and Job Network to foreign countries.

How will these be implemented? What is the strategy? Where can we get the budget?

To wrap it up, this needs more than just good government official support. It needs support by the people. But it starts from the very top. I hope the phrase from a TV show "You're Fired" doesn’t apply.

From LibjoLIVE! Happy New Year 2007 Everyone!

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Anonymous said...

mathematics is a perfect science. saying Just Do It is applicable. if you know all the mathematical principles, theorems, formulas and postulates, Just Do It and you will find the answer of any mathematical problem.
in the case of DI, i would say "JUST DO IT CORRECTLY!". running a government can be done in so many different styles that will lead to success or failure.
unlike mathematics, 2 times 2 is always 4 and 4 divided 2 is always 2.