Saturday, November 11, 2006

Smart is back in Libjo

Despite the dispute of the land area where Smart cell tower is located, Smart service in Libjo now is back and not only it serves cell phones, it also serves internet connectivity. Smart wi-fi as it was called (comes from "Wireless Fidelity") is a wireless broadband internet connection. I'm just not sure with fidelity of the wi-fi in Libjo as what I’ve read from all the reviews, thu this a good option to get an Internet broadband. Especially that Libjo has no landline telephone service.
Because of Smart tower proximity to the downtown, Libjo cell customers now turning back to Smart since it has strong and very good clear signal. Now I have switch back and remember my moms cell phone number when she's still with Smart. She said she could now use her cell phone even inside our house without any interruption.

BTW, our cell phone directory initiative is still in progress. And If you would like to help, please contact us


Anonymous said...

I think wi-fi in the phils specially in the province are still in the infancy stage pero, thats a good sign, you know what its just a matter of time this wi-fi to boom. basta mura lang. This needs more powerfull equipment also, and right now I think theyr just using their test equipment, but once they git their target number of subscribers, They gonna invest more on this.
Cable TV operators can invest to high speed internet also by using their existing cables. All they need is their own equipments and sofwares, once they have this, internet can be accessible thru tv cables using a cable modem. and these cables are availabe already in the island. w/ cable internet, internet cafes is possible at high speed. wow high tech na gajud an DI soon.

Anonymous said...

i would say smart wifi is just a waste of money if i gonna have myself one. One thing is it keeps on breaking out, there's no good signal and i would still be paying a monthly pay, no way i would get one. If there's someday who could put up a cafe or something that would be nice. With that in cafe it's definitely wifi, signal is so good. The fact also is i won't be in the computer 24/day. Do your mathematics. You still be better off with going to a cafe.