Thursday, September 07, 2006

Libjo Rocks!

Rock Climbing in Libjo is still not common and yet to be discovered. In the Philippines in general this sports is relatively young. Although there are many areas offering promising rock climbing, most of these have never been climbed yet. And Libjo is one of it.

Rock climbing in a beachfront is possible I would think. And barangay Magsaysay I bet is a candidate. It just needs someone to start establishing routes and train local guides. Also provide the equipment, which is not available locally.

Can you imagine? If Siargao is for surfing, Libjo/Dinagat is for Climbing. And If they have first class waves, we have best Rocks, Mountains and Caves. Although we shared a common element… The beach.

In photo: My brother Jokjok in one of Libjo's rock wall. He’s a member of the Philippine Team for Sport Rock Climbing to compete in Singapore. He was number 2 in the Philippines.

Caution: Climbing is a sport which is inherently dangerous where you may be seriously injured or die.

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