Friday, September 15, 2006

Libjo History

libjo map
The municipality of Libjo (formerly Albor) was created on February 29,1960 but its formal inauguration was held on April 23 of the same year. Its creation was said to be miraculous for it was done in a record time of only eighty civil days.

Albor was named after the two town mayors who were behind its creation. The first syllable Al was taken from the word Alfaro, the surname of the Loreto Mayor, while the second syllable - Bor was derived from the word Borja, the surname of the then mayor of Dinagat. By mutual agreement, these two executives ceded each a portion of their territories to the new municipality.

However, the name Albor did not last long. Majority of the inhabitants clamored for the restoration of its original name -- Libjo, which was right away done by the municipal council.

In 1970's, vast natural wealth abounds within the territorial limits of the municipality. In its forests first group timber and other products such as rattan, resin, almaciga, baliw, pangtod, hagnaya, orchids and the like may be secured in a commercial quantities. In the bowels of the earth, dormant mineral deposits of manganese and chromite awaits the enterprising leaders of industry.

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Source: 1970 Souvenir Program of Philippine Public Schools Inter-scholastic Athletic Association Meet (PPSIAA)

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