Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Carnivorous plant in Libjo?

What? Yes, carnivorous plant. Is it the man-eating plant that we've heard from stories?
Monster plant gobbling a whole entire person in its flower? Possibly :-). Just kidding. As I have mentioned before from my previous post, this plant is abundant in Mt. Pelhi.

This plant is what we called pitcher plant. What I've learned pitcher plant genera, scientific name Nepenthes is a carnivorous plant that usually grow in places where the soil is thin or poor in nutrients, especially nitrogen. It derives some or most of its nutrients (but not energy) by trapping and consuming animals, especially insects. The pitcher starts as a small bud and gradually expand to form a globe- or tube-shaped trap. The trap contains a fluid of the plant's own production, which may be watery or syrupy and is used to drown the prey. The lower part of the trap contains glands which absorb nutrients from captured prey. This kind of plant is all around the island (Dinagat) and mostly on mountainous and rocky places in Libjo.

Hmmm. A mountain believed to be not for humans with carnivorous plant and dwarf trees? Hmm…Interesting...

Ps. Believe me or not, I’m tired and thirsty I've drink water from this plant during our first climb in Mt Pelhi. And incase something happens, my climbing partner (Dick Cortes) took a picture from that incident. Luckily I’m still telling you the story.

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volker said...

Very nice image and description. Your plan t is a Nepenthes mindanaoensis.
Would love to see more images of the Dinagat pitcher-plants. Visit also my site & forum!