Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tenyente Vicente Llamera Sr.

Long before Libjo becomes Albor, Libjo is a barangay and baryo of Loreto. By the way, a little bit of Albor’s background. Albor was formed as municipality from the resources of the two major towns of Loreto and Dinagat. It was called Albor named after the combination of Loreto’s mayor Alfaro and Dinagat’s mayor Borja. hence, the place is called Albor but eventually returned to his original name to Libjo officially and Albor becomes the barangay now situated in the poblacion.

A Tenyente del Baryo headed Libjo an equivalent to Barangay Captain today. His name was Vicente Reyes Llamera Sr. although, this era was shared with other personalities like Andres Patual, Helario Andit and Amado Llorca, this gentleman interest me since he’s a Llamera before Libjo was headed by his cousin and the first appointed then later elected town mayor Lamberto Llamera Sr.

Vicente was born after Bartolome Llamera and Antonia Reyes. A native of Libjo he went to school in Ubay Bohol. Married to Gleceria Suan Gonzales from Sindangan Macrohon Southern Leyte and then settled in Libjo. They have 5 children, Vicente Jr. Antonieto, Reynaldo, Fe and Remedios.

When I asked papa (Antonieto) what could you remember about your father during when he was the Tenyente del Baryo, he said “My dad is a superb fisherman and a farmer at the same time. Nobody could follow the steps of my father. All I can remember during his term as Tenyente was… Libjo is a peaceful town.”

Papa also mentioned that during when Vicente Sr. was still alive, they always spent time together every December with his siblings and family of Popoy Tome’s home in Balite.

Vicente Sr. siblings were Tikyo, Froilan, Candido, Ninang, Daniel, Panting, Hilarion and Undoy (adopted)

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there are more tenyentes before vecente llamera sr. like pedro galagar coles