Thursday, June 26, 2008

Libjo at First Rally

“Libjo? Nasa Pilipinas pa ba yan?” Those were my exact words the first time I heard of the town. For the past eight months I dreaded the idea of going to the islands, yet I know like the air that I breath, it is inevitable.

So, as a loyal subject, I decided to go and get it over and done with. With the smug smile on my face and all the positivism I could master, I go aboard on a journey to Libjo and mentally labeled it as “MY JUNE ADVENTURE”.

I was totally captivated by the serene view of twilight, and the chill of dawn that greeted me.

I thought I had my share of the trimmings during fiestas, because I’ve been to different places, yet nothing cautioned me for the assault of colors when I first saw the bandiritas…. all lined up on the streets of Albor…streets after streets.. corner after corners… as far as the eyes can see… giving one an ambiance of nobility and welcome.

Everybody is so warm and friendly, treating me like their long lost bestfriend…and telling me.. that I must stay for the Fiesta and got the chance to dance “kuratcha”…( I do not have any idea how that is being done,until i asked someone to explain)

How I wish I could…but pressing matters need to be attended to.. and since my work has been done, (although with some bumps and hallows along the way), I need to say goodbye to Libjo.

Never again though, will I ever look at the map, and see it as an insignificant island, because seven days ago, in this historic land mass, I embarked on a job and an adventure… where I had BOTH and something more. A lagniappe I call it. Story by Illusion

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Libjo Fiesta Celebration 2008

4th Libjo Motocross Open Invitational

Result For Enduro Novice:
1. Loloy Cuares (Surigao) - 1st
2. Eddie Vega (Surigao) - 2nd
3. Jumby Galagaran (Surigao) - 3rd
4. Cesar Crisologo (Surigao)
5. Dindo Arlan (Surigao)
6. Kenken Helya (San Jose)

Result For Underbone (Small Bike)
1. Kenken Helya (San Jose) - 1st
2. Dodong Helya (San Jose) - 2nd
3. Hataw Boy (Surigao) - 3rd

Result Inter-open Category:
1. Leo Letim (Surigao) - 1st
2. Angelo Elacion (Surigao) - 2nd
3. San Jose Boy - 3rd

Result For AMA - Production:
1. Loloy Madrid (Cantilan) - 1st
2. Angelo Elacion (Surigao) - 2nd
3. Leo Letim (Surigao) - 3rd
4. Ronie Elsisura

Result For Expert Production:
1. Pupit Frias (Cantilan) - 1st
2. Payok Cuares (Surigao) - 2nd
3. Jeck Gubaton (Surigao) - 3rd
4. Leo Letim (Surigao)
5. Loloy Madrid (Cantilan)

Friday, June 13, 2008

News: Sandiganbayan Affirms Ecleo's Graft Conviction

The Sandiganbayan has affirmed three graft convictions against former San Jose, Surigao del Norte Mayor Ruben Ecleo, Jr., and three of his former subordinates in connection with fund disbursement anomalies in three construction projects during his term.

In a resolution by the anti-graft court's First Division promulgated June 6, Ecleo’s appeal was dismissed for lack of merit, noting that the defendant raised arguments that were already "deliberated, passed upon and explained by the Court" when it convicted him on October 13, 2006.

The Sandiganbayan cases involved the construction of a public market, a new municipal building and a guesthouse, which the court said were all fraudulent, and were undertaken between 1991 and 1994. Full story.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

News: DBP Launches Initiatives for Strategic Sectors

State-owned Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) launches today new initiatives on health care, corporate governance, and the environment as part of its traditional Independence Day celebration at the DBP headquarters in Makati City.
DBP will sign an agreement with UK-based CarbonAided Limited for the registration of a number of mini-hydro power projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol. CDM registration entitles project owners to profit from the sale of carbon emission reduction credits that result from the implementation of their projects.

The projects to be registered under the CDM are the Hinubasan Minihydro Power Project in Dinagat Island; Cantingas Minihydro Power Project in Romblon; and the Sevilla Minihydro Power Project in Bohol.

David said the initiative enables the projects to generate an estimated emission reduction of 15,000 tons of CO2 a year, translating to about US$150,000 additional income to minihydro power project owners. He added that the initiative is a breakthrough for DBP, with the income generated also benefiting the host communities of the said minihydro power projects. Full story.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ACES Alumni Homecoming

Albor Central Elementary School of Libjo, Dinagat Islands successfully held its 1st Grand Alumni Homecoming in June 10, 2008 and eventually elected the first set of Alumni Officers. It is agreed by everybody that a homecoming shall be held every year where a particular batch will be assigned to sponsor the event. Grand Alumni Disco grace the said affair.

The New Set of Officers;
President - Ralph Cafe
Vice President - Marivic Boquilon
Secretary - Muthja Jacquez
Asst. Secretary - Janette Pachu
Treasurer - Euzel Cabeza
Auditor - Suzanate Sandigan
Asst. Auditor - Ednalyn Patulin
Sgt. At Arms - Mitchelle Bagata, Cyrus Malbacias, Redson Torillo, Wenhel Ebra
P.I.O. - Adelyn Plarisan, Bimbo Tumamak, Tito Bucio, Jelson Andit
Board of Directors - Irma Verana, Marlo Ebale, Jeanette Salupan, Yenyen Malbacias
Muse - Irish Bonje
Escort - Dennis Buenafe

Grand Alumni Disco Photos ( Click the photo to have a closer look)

Friday, June 06, 2008

Windows of Libjo

On the way to Bolod-bolod

At the corner....Adring's Store

Road improvement reached Quarry

Almost sunset, Libjo Bay

Albor Barangay Hall

The Rural Health Center (rightmost)

Ricefield, along Bolod-bolod to San Jose highway


Copra business

Banana.......anyone? :)

Tabo every Friday

Beside Navarro Gym, during the Tabo


Coco Farm

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Dinagat in History: Legacy of Memories

Four months earlier during World War II, a less-famous flag-raising occurred on Dinagat Island in the Philippines on Oct. 17, 1944, heralding the pending arrival of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, who had promised, “I shall return.”

“Today, I saw the first flag recaptured from the Japs here. It is in the office of Lt. General Krueger, gruff soldierly commander of our Sixth Army. Here is part of the story of the flag, but only part of the story, for no single man knows the whole story. We can assume it passed into the hands of the Japs somewhere on Luzon Island back in 1942, and eventually a Nipponese lieutenant named Yamate took what he thought final possession of it. Yamate was stationed on Bataan. One day he was transferred to Dinagat Island. Dinagat, you’ll recall, was seized by Sixth Army Rangers on Oct. 17 -- three days before the invasion of Leyte. Well, when we landed there, Lt. Yamate skipped and he skipped in a hurry. Around noon on the 17th, Lt. Therrien of Thompsonville, Conn., was checking articles which fleeing Jap officers had left behind. And in Lt. Yamate’s trunk Therrien found the flag. What’s more it was neatly folded, according to the prescribed American Army regulations. The flag, which Yamate brought to Dinagat Island from Bataan, was recovered intact, except for two small holes possibly caused by shots though no one will ever know for sure. In the early hours of the afternoon of the 17th, a little group of the Sixth Army Rangers gathered around a hastily constructed flagpole on Dinagat Island. Sgt. Francis W. Anderson, Chehalis, Washington, raised the flag and the others saluted. A few days ago, the Rangers turned it over to General Krueger, their boss, and some day soon, he’s going to give it to his boss, Douglas MacArthur, and that’s the story of the first flag recaptured in the Philippines. From Lt. Yamate to Gen. MacArthur. This is Arthur Feldman reporting.” Link to Full Story by Julie McDonald For The Chronicle