Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unique Sound in Libjo

You are not from here if you find the rooster disturbing early in the morning. I'm sure about that. Normal as it sounds, it happens all the time. I don't even wake up with that sound. Speaking about sound, here are some I remember that is unique in Libjo. I'm sure if you're from here you have experience or probably heard these.

We have no newspaper or local radio station in town. So then if we have announcement, warning, information like new implementation of town rules, we use this delivery system to inform everyone. Think of this like the messenger you've seen in the old movies. A man with the whistle and a sheet of paper with the message. Walking by foot he reads his message in every corner in the town. It sounds like this...

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Surigao del Norte
Office of the Mayor


--------message here-----------
Signature (Pinermahan)

Everyone call a motorbike Honda, even though the brand really is Yamaha or Suzuki. And most everyone's familiar with the unique sound. They can tell one motorbike from the other. They can say just by its sound that it is mayors bike or it is captains bike.

Its the dance during our town fiesta celebration. The music itself is unique. Courting dance that's one of the income generating piece of the celebration. Partly to pay for the expenses incurred during the hosting. For the sound systems, disco lights and town decoration.

Uwang sa Ero
Consider this the dark side. When lights are gone and everyone's in bed, you can hear this sound of dogs howling like a wave. You can hear it like moving from one end of the town to the other. Dogs in Libjo are called “Askal” or asong kalye or street dogs. Dogs watches our homes but they are free in the streets and not in cage or leash. Some say ghost or “not like us” roam during the night. And since dogs has strong eye sight they are the only one who can see them. I wonder since it happens to me too (dog howls ) when I play my harmonica. Do you think someone is playing a music during the night that only dogs can hear?

Tell me what you think. And tell me what unique sound you can remember in your town?

Monday, March 10, 2008

48th Araw ng Libjo Celebration

Libjo municipal employees had agreed on the highlights of the upcoming 48th Araw ng Libjo celebration this coming April 23, 2008. The said affair is to be opened with an ecumenical service where all religious groups will converge in one mass like celebration while the following fun and games are expected to color the occasion.

  • Bikini Open ( open to everybody , pictorial will be on April 13, 2008 )
  • Battle of the Band ( only for Libjoanons )
  • SK Inter Barangay Basketball Tournament ( to start on April 15, 2008 )
  • Inter - Agency Basketball and Volleyball Tournament
  • Ballroom Dancing ( Shall We Dance kind of competition )
  • Singing Contest
To join, please contact any of Libjo Barangay Captains......................