Thursday, May 31, 2007

Inviting All Bikers to the New Libjo Race Track

In celebration of the Town Annual Fiesta this coming June 12 and 13, 2007 Libjo presents a new kind of sports competition - Libjo's First Motocross.

June 12 - Flat Track Scooter type competition
June 13 - Motocross Competition

Category is open for beginners, novice and expert. And prices includes a trophy and up to 30 thousand cash. This event will be held in the newly constructed Libjo Race Track.

For more information email us . Come join and be here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Congratulaltions Reinhart Dan Reyes!

Congratulations to REINHART DAN M. REYES for passing the CPA Board Exam!!! Check Manila Bulletin for the list of the new CPA board passers. If you could recall Reinhart is also the regional champion for CARAGA 2002 PSQ an annual contest designed to test first-year college students’ knowledge of statistics.

B.S. Accountancy
St. Paul University System
San Nicolas Campus, Surigao City
High School Graduate of Albor National High School
Albor, Libjo, Dinagat Island

Libjo's Watermelon Production

Watermelon is now one of the major produce in Libjo. Summer is harvest time for watermelon. It is now being transported in huge numbers, in hundreds of tons. If you could imagine before a stock file of Chromite, that is how huge is the file for watermelon harvested in Libjo. It is now becoming the preferred plant after coconut. Appears to be like Coco Copra trade in the old days.

Watermelon is both a fruit and a vegetable and plant of a vine-like (climber and trailer) herb originally from southern Africa and one of the most common type of melon.

Fresh watermelon may be eaten in a variety of ways and is also often used to flavor summer drinks and smoothies. A one-cup serving of watermelon will provide around 48 calories. Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin A, with one serving containing 14.59 mg of vitamin C and 556.32 IU of vitamin A. Watermelon also provides significant amounts of vitamin B6 and vitamin B1, as well as the minerals potassium and magnesium. Pink watermelon is also a source of the potent carotenoid antioxidant, lycopene.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Join our team in LibjoLIVE!

I am pleased to announce our new addition to LibjoLIVE! Lot Lisondra. He’s also from Dinagat and now presently working in Riyadh, KSA. He went to elementary in Dinagat, high school in St. Paul in Surigao, finished college in University of Cebu, and went to graduate school in University of the Philippines. His actual field of work is Accounting but he’s into programming and web development. For you Lot, Mabuhay!

And you too, if you enjoy creating articles about Dinagat Island either you are from here or just love to be part of the team, just let us know by sending us email to Help us make LibjoLIVE a truly an online community for all of us. Or join our effort to put Dinagat into the map, promote Dinagat Island as a destination not just for tourist but also for business. Hopefully with this shot we can create more jobs and improve lives of our fellow kababayans. Thank you.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Global Warming in Dinagat Island

Growing population and advancement of technology always has effect on environment and news is there to let us know. If you could remember not too long ago we have the Y2K experience. The computer bug result of the transition of the year from two digits ‘99’ to four digits ‘2000’. News made us aware of what will happen if time will go backward instead of going forward. We were told to make sure our computers comply with the requirements. Companies updated software; firmware and all time related programs and we prepare extra food in our shelves. That was eight years ago. But before that we also heard of Acid rain. As pollution get worse, rain will fall in a form of acid. Rain is undrinkable. Then, holes in the ozone layer that cause cancer. All related to population and industrialization. And what’s the latest? Global Warming.

Let me tell you a story. According to Popoy Dinagat Island is just floating and is carried by an old bearded man. (Gipas-an lang daw ning Dinagat). As this man is getting old he’s getting tired. There comes a time when Dinagat will sink to the bottom. I told my brother about the floating tale, he said it is really true. Really? Yes, since all land is just floating in melting magma. Maybe not.

One time I watch a show in PBS (public television) about Tuvalu. Remember the domain name dot TV? It is actually taken from the nation of Tuvalu not from the word ‘Television’. In the show some New Zealand residents visited their home land Tuvalu to see the Island one last time before it will sink. They believe if carbon emission will not be controlled this land will disappear in the future. This island in the pacific found this pot of gold from the registration of the top Internet domain name dotTV. They use part of this assets supporting United Nation fight against Global Warming.

Global warming will cause seawater to rise. And water rising is cause of the melting of polar ice and the warming of the temperature. Now back to Dinagat, unlike Tuvalu Dinagat has mountains. But except San Jose most of our towns is located next to the shoreline. Will this affect us too? Will this soon become like Y2K and acid rain an issue from the past? What if the old bearded man really gets tired? What will we do?

Monday, May 21, 2007

News: Korean Loses Mayoral Bid

South Korean Sangkil Ham Park, who ran for mayor in Basilisa town in Dinagat Islands province, lost to re-electionist Mayor Juan Digal Jr.

Park was frustrated in his dream to make a little difference in the lives of more than 20,000 residents of the island town of Basilisa, which can be reached by a one-hour boat ride from Surigao City.

The Basilisa board of canvassers proclaimed Digal and his running mate re-electionist Vice-Mayor Cesar Taguctoc Borja as winners Sunday. Read more ..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

News: Vote Commerce - Buying and Selling

Why go out and buy votes when voters themselves come knocking on the candidates’ doors to sell them?

“It was vote-selling and vote-buying combined and we want to correct the media and NAMFREL reports that it was vote-buying only when it was, in fact, vote-selling to the hilt,” they said.

In Dinagat Island, buying was allegedly pegged at P200 to P500.

“If we will not do it, others will do it for their benefit and look what happened to local bets who did not resort to vote-buying and selling, even if they are qualified and dedicated, they all lost,” the bets justified.

“Everything now has its price tag,” Plaza said. Read More..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Working Abroad with Multi-Cultural Colleagues...

It's always been a dream of most if not all Filipinos to travel anywhere around the world, be it for vacation, immigrant or be an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

There comes a time in all our lives where we needed changes or our financial status and for a lot of people, that change is moving to another country to work and counted as one of the many Filipinos whom our countrymen called "Modern Day Heroes".
Working abroad isn't that easy specially for the first-timer like me where adjustments be part of your struggle in first few weeks. I've learned to be firm so as to fight homesickness for all my love ones left behind in our country, not to mention the close ties I had with my family while am still there in our homeland, Philippines.

One major adjustment that one needed also to consider in working abroad is the flexibility of one's personality specially in dealing with your colleagues. Taking my case, am currently working in an Accounting & Finance Dept. of one of the Group of Companies here in Riyadh, KSA and in our department alone, we are compose of different nationalities (Bangladeshi, Indian, Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian, Palestinian, Pakistani, Sudanese & Saudi Nationals) and working with all those races entails self-confidence and competence so as to proved to them that Filipinos indeed are "world-class professionals". From them, we are bound to encounter interesting characters and lifestyles.

Whether we set off to work abroad with the help of mediation organization or well-established recruitment agencies or with the intention of living by our wits, still gradually we will learn the essence of knowing and considering the multi-cultural differences of different people and inevitably realized that there will be some surprises along the way. Masalama! (Arabic term for good bye).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time to Reconcile and Move-on

I really enjoyed the part of the election when we have a chance to go to the barangays and met some of the local people, handshakes, welcomes, jingles and most of all riding my motorbike with my girlfriend :-).

Indeed Libjo has a peaceful election. With about 70 percent turnout from more than 10 thousand voters is a good figure.

But results in my mind are not just simple as looking at the numbers. There is something more. Beyond the figures I can tell lots of things we can relate. It reminds me of my favorite download website. Where I can sort files by size, highest user ratings, price (if for sale), date added, A to Z (in alpha) and by popularity. In the same manner I can also sort our election result in; how much friends did I make during the campaign and foes? How much money did I spend or otherwise? Did I make people happy during the campaign? Did I enjoy it myself? How many votes did I get? Cause I could be popular and nobody remembers me in the ballot because I have no party. And that is what is party is all about, shared resources and shared campaign. That includes distribution of sample ballots.

A different candidate has different tactics and styles. Each has its own way of doing “tili-tili” or vote buying; each has its own “plataporma” or plan. Some monopolizes transportation “habal-habal” in there advantage, some played Robinhood to get more votes and some just asked voters “singit lang” insert their names in the ballot.

Sad to say I have two high school teachers that were not included in the magic 8. One who taught me how to build poultry and one who once told me after I answer his geometry question, "there many ways to kill the dog, but this time the dog will kill you." Not to add insult to injury but this people I'm telling about helped mold me of what I am today. And just wished there could be 10 open positions to fill.

"Ug na hulog ang laing tabil ning atong sugilanon" in just plain english - end of the story. Congratulations to all who won the election and its time to reconcile and move-on for the brighter future.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Election 2007 Result Update

Official Result from Board of Canvassers for Libjo, Tubajon and Loreto. We still have no data from Basilisa, Cagdianao, Dinagat and San Jose at this point.
Libjo Result -
Gov. Jade E. Villaroman-5154
Vice.Gov- Elvis Dela Merced-4969

Board Members:
Merlinda Lagroma-3550
Gracelyn Ecleo- 3249
Domingo Torotoro-3736
Rolizabeth T. Ladaga - 3116
Ukem Ecleo - 3540
Marmito Lutgardes - 2211
Stalin Tan -2061

Mayor: Lamberto Llamera-6360

Vice Mayor:
Romy Villarosa-3528
Ali Cabajes - 3207

1. Roger Magpatoc - 5576
2. Frank Areglo- 4263
3. Jack Llamera- 3714
4. Junior Dacles - 3540
5. Lourdes Creencia-3294
6. Ebong Cabajes- 3230
7. Jimmy Taasan-2664
8. Cuay Simbajon-2629

Dodo Edera - 2537
Aurora Pertos - 1819
Liezl dela Cruz - 1720
Amy Baynosa-2563
Boy Dellera-2550
Kawit Conales - 2405
Luz Bua - 2531
Nick Oriat - 1592
Pedring Malbacias- 2171

Tubajon Result -
Mayor: Ronald Luib
Vice Mayor: Romeo Vargas

Maura Lasco
Jorvie Agbo
Charlemagne Vargas
Benjie Manto
Sandy Tan
Glenn Anover
Boilito Torotoro
Nacencia Llamera

Loreto Result -
Mayor: Doandre Bill Ladaga
Vice Mayor: Dario Pelismino

Absalon Colandog
Reynaldo Elan
Pretsy Semorlan
Ali Adlawan
Alfonso Gajol
Jacint Gulles
Ricardo Aspirin
Andreson T. Ladaga

Friday, May 11, 2007

News: Aide of mayoral bet in Dinagat Is. killed

BUTUAN CITY - A supporter of Lakas mayoral bet Doandre Bill Ladaga was killed while another was seriously wounded in a shooting incident in San Juan village, Loreto town, Dinagat Islands, Thursday evening.

Police identified the fatality as Mansueto Cuadra, a municipal employee and a resident in the area. His neighbor Francisco Gahol sustained gunshot wounds on his body.

Initial reports showed that at 9:45 p.m. Thursday, unidentified men armed with .45 caliber pistols opened fire at them.

The attackers then fled toward the municipality of Tubajon aboard a blue XRM Honda motorcycle allegedly driven by certain Climaco Sio, alias Entong, supporter of another mayoral candidate James Gupana. Read more.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

News: Politicians Extend Term, Perks with New Turfs

Last December, most of Surigao del Norte voters approved the creation of Dinagat Island into a province. Although only 45 percent of the registered voters voted--with the “yes" votes winning by a mere 6,000 margin--the results practically handed the island to the Ecleos on a silver platter.

The Ecleos have established a fiefdom in the island since the 1960s through Ruben Ecleo Sr., the family’s patriarch and mayor of Dinagat town for 24 years until his death in 1987.

Twenty years after his death, the clan is still thriving. More so after the island became a province. Read more

LibjoLIVE! Finalist in Travel Category

LibjoLIVE! nominated and one of the finalist competing for Travel Category.

The DigitalFilipino Web Awards 2007 - The Web Awards in collaboration with the APEC Digital Opportunity (ADOC) Award program aims to advocate the use of Internet and e-Commerce for business development, through the identification, promotion, and highlighting of best e-Commerce practices from various websites in the Philippines.

Here are the finalists competing for the Travel category:

Fiesta Celebration in Libjo

Summer time in Libjo means fiesta time from April to June when kids are out from school and on vacation. Summer always means less rain and calm seas compared to November to January because it's Amihan season. It is time to travel, enjoy the beach and celebrate fiesta.

Original resident here in Libjo and Dinagat Island in general came from as far Bohol, Leyte and Surigao and partly gets the culture mixed. We get the same tradition from Bohol for celebrating fiesta. So whenever we are, we still have it desire to go home to celebrate fiesta with our family and friends in our hometown.

Fiesta is nothing without free food, games competition, dance, drink, activities and cookfighting derby. And of course celebration of the patron saint where fiesta first came about.

Here’s the list of Libjo Fiesta Schedules;

Albor/San Antonio- June 13
Arellano - May 15 (but now moved to 16 because of the election in the 14)
Bayanihan - June 25
Dona Helen (Kahayag)- May 3
Garcia - May 24
Gen. Aguinaldo - May 19
Kanihaan - Apr. 20
Llamera - Apr 27
Magsaysay - June 24
Osmena - Jan. 15
Plaridel - May 27
Quezon - June 29
Rosita - May 2
San Jose - May 29
Santo Nino - May 6

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Proclamation Rally Photos

Photos during the Lakas-CMD proclamation rally in Libjo. Most of the candidates listed below in our previous post are present in this rally except those running independent. We are is still working for more details about these photos. Photos by Liquit.