Thursday, March 15, 2007

Filipino Folkdance in Modern Rhythm

Dance is always part of Libjo Culture not to mention Fiesta season is coming. From courtship dance Kuratcha to Cha-cha to Boogie to Rumba to Tango, Libjo has it all. Of course Disco for the younger generation. But have you seen a Filipino Folkdance in a modern music rhythm. Here's an amateur clip from last Independence Day celebration. Enjoy!



Sorry guys this comment does not really relate to the dance but to that odd column being installed in
the middle of the gym.

Whats happening? Does the trusses of the gym is no longer strong enough to carry the load?

Granting that its no longer safe is that the only way to repair it? I thought we have engineers now in Libjo which can give an advice to the municipal government on how to strengthen the trusses.

Is this how our engineers solve a very simple problem? What a shame!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree.

It is very obvious that the gym is very old and the structure is already weak to sustain its weight.
They just extend its life by supporting metal post in the middle to utilize the space in most of the events in town without realizing the safety of our fellow Libjoanons watching the shows.

When are we going to stop using it? Are we going to wait for the debris to fall and somebody will be injured? I hope that will not happen but i am just being concern about the safety of our people in Libjo.

I hope somebody from LGU will have the will to take action on this.

Rex, thank you for your comment.

Mabuhay ang mga Libjoanon.



the question is: Is there any technical checks, calculations, test reports showing that it can no longer sustain the load.

Is supporting the roof by metal posts the only solution for that problem? It seems to me that its not an ENGINEER's perspective.
There are methods of reinforcing the structure or the gym in particular without erecting columns in middle of it.

Its not how the engineers do things. I was involved in an underpinning of a 32 storey building in Singapore 6 years which leaned 3 degrees and settled 300 mm from its designed RL's. Its far more difficult than a simple timber trusses, but I did it!!!! settle ment was arrested or stopped and it stops leaning against the other buiding without tying cables from the roof to the ground!!!

I was involved in reinforcing a 350 meter bridge without driving piles and building another pier in between existing piers!!!

I am involved in repairing a 100 year old 5 kilometers highway tunnel without erecting columns in the middle of the it!!!

WHY? because engineers supposed to repair or whatever you call it without disrupting or chaging the purpose why the structures are built. Gyms are design without columns in the middle, so that should be repaired with that concept.