Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Treasure Hunting

The trend was long gone but the interest still lives on. (Uso-uso lang ba). Treasure hunting was once hot activity in Libjo. As you become aware of the subject, signs are everywhere it just keeps on popping up. Cemented rock with old markings, fill up stones telling some hint, metal detector clues that suggests something buried within and some chitchat about hidden burial sites.

Cemented cylinder landmark locally called “Muhon” is the usual suspect a treasure is concealed somewhere. Dinagat Island once invaded by the Japanese during World War II and occupied by Americans after that, is enough indication something should have been happened here.

Yamasita Treasure or what really they’re looking for, we don’t know for sure. One exploration I had with my father was looking for One-Eyed skull believed to be the head of a legend fighter from Dinagat. It was said left in one of the islets in Libjo. We visited the mass burial site in “Panangatan” (Skeletons and bones place in a wooden casket). But we find nothing. We get nothing but mosquito bites, muscle pain and fatigue. It was a great experience anyway. I pretend I was part of Indiana Jones party in the movie looking for the hidden treasure.

One instance, I was with another group from Libjo. We investigated one location close to baragay Quezon out to the bay. We found a cave close to the seashore just sufficient signs to build interest for everyone. Everyone is eager to check unfortunately its entrance is so small I’m the only one thin enough to fit the opening. That was then. :) Believe me, I can’t describe my feeling I’m on my knees crawling in a cave with skeleton around. I’m frightened and cold. I wish that was just a dream and I’m going to wake up. Anyway from that adventure we found broken rusted 1 inch length blade (assumed to be a samurai), pieces of broken ceramics chinaware which we cannot put together. I don’t think that has of any value at all. It was said offering for the dead the time they were buried.

Treasure hunting legend in Libjo still lives on. After all if someone gets improvement in livelihood like a new house or a new motorbike, no doubt neighbors will say “naka kis-kis man” (got a strike of treasure wealth).

The question is was there really a treasure to find or it is just a non-sense waste of time. One thing I can say…that was FUN and that was a good excuse from house and wife’s chores.

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Anonymous said...

it's like hunting d egg for the easter egg hunt- u get to be happy when u find the treasure...