Friday, February 16, 2007

Island Surf - Love and Hate

When I was young, I only have one chance in a year to visit Surigao City. Reason? Weather. Only during the month of May when the sea are usually calm. My mom’s scared to travel particularly in stormy condition when waves are bigger. Even though she’s from Siargao, where waves are much bigger in comparison. She doesn’t know how to swim. ;-) And I assumed not just us. Everyone hates the waves.

But it’s just lately that we know a wave is also good. Sort of. And that makes Siargao famous today. Our Sister Island is getting international because of it. Realty business in the island is booming and tourism in general. Check our movie clip from 2006 Quiksilver Open. You’re watching LibjoLIVE!

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ZYMM: 100% Pidjanga said...

Great blog! Maradjaw kay live na an Libjo kuman. Zimm of the Pidjanga Blog.