Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dinagat Island Inside Politics

It was said the interim provincial government set of officials would run in this coming May election. But this is believed to be not true. Some if not all will be change with a new set of candidates to run. Seems to represent the majority of the Dinagatnon. And since a party could not be monopolized by one family in the election. Most of the same last name candidates or family will run independently. As expected during the actual vote, most of the line-up board members that are not family is expected to be drop from the official sample ballot and gets zero vote recommendation.


Anonymous said...

yes it's possible. more than 100%! after this election it will be proved that i'm right with what i'm sharing here before the plebiscite. A FAMILY WILL RULE THE ISLAND FOR YEARS AND YEARS TO COME.
i'm happy i did not vote. there are no good choices.

Anonymous said...

kinsa man! nga pamilya ang imong giingon,pbma ba?or the Llamera family?kung kang mayor family man,for goodness gracious!!ngano ba nga init man mo sa ila?face the fact;si mayor bagay sa iyang maayo maki bagay..kamo nga masinahon ra kaajo,gusto pod ninjo power,pero waya mo magtan-aw kung bagay ba,di ba makaoowaw..kung nahinumdom mo ni mayor sr.desinte nga pagkatawo,ug maajo gani kay may nanunud sa ija footstep;and lastly daghan kami para motindog ang Albor CAMILOT!!! more power to the mayor:...WE WANT HIM TO"RULE THE ISLAND" FOR YEARS AND YEARS TO COME...I'm happy to stay 100% behind him...