Sunday, January 28, 2007

Skirmishes of the disgruntled

Funny or horror of some sort, our sources said last January 22, 2007 a delegation is organized to welcome a MNLF General in Libjo to administer an oath of new local recruits.

Considered “Peaceful Outlaw” in some parts of southern Mindanao MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) is gaining control and getting support from local residents. Sources said Libjo is the focal point of recruits in Dinagat Island as Dapa is in the Island of Siargao. The said recruits are supposed to be receiving an outstanding amount of P18,000.00 a month. And was believed to be the grass root of Nur Misuari’s organization to vote for him in this Senate of the Philippine Congress.

New sets of officers is lead by Major Gerry Ebrao (Commanding Officer), Captain Jose(Gotgot) Pariente, Captain Juvy Andit, Captain Abdol dela Cruz, etc, with over 100 commission officer including Leut. Baytic Ecuben, Leut. Ricky Torillo and Leut. Myrna Lisondra.

The awkward part is … these people were not muslim and is not considering converting like Robin Padilla. And I supposed not looking for a hands-on experience in Jolo, Sulu. Libjo has been long a peaceful town and insurgents free. Life still goes on as usual.


Anonymous said...

i think our local leaders headed by the mayor should verify the legitimacy of this unusual thing for the protection of the libjoanons. it is their duty. the church leaders also will be involved. they have the spiritual duty to take.
it sounds like this is another papua new guinea for me. or the australia jobs.

Anonymous said...

Well, as long as theyr not going for a separation of DI as a Moro Republic, I think its not a problem. Wag lang magtayo ng isang Training CAMP or BASE. Ang problema lang dito baka magkarun ng infiltration from other group and dito na magumpisa ang problema. Who knows, This thing might be a plan to open up a new front and divert the attention of conflict from the south to north.(Hope its NOT)
You know naman na this kind of problem are really hard to uproot. History can tell!!!



Since DI is a now a province our place is now open to all kinds of Migrant people(businessmen, workers, politicians, organizations, immigrants, etc)kaya wag na magtaka kung dadami ang tao dyan. As long as it is peaceful, Welcome to DI!!!!


The Crusader said...

I believe what is enticing this people to join the MNLF is the monetary compensation. I don't think its the group's ideology or teachings. In this place, P18K/month is good enough to feed a family. This really should be investigated closely by the local government and should be stopped before recruitment will grow like wild fire. Especially if their intentions are subersive. I have always loved to go on vacation in Loreto and Libjo because of the serene and peaceful atmosphere of these places. Dinagat Island has always been a place to rest and relax without ever thinking of people doing subersive activities. Dinagat Island, a serene and tranquil place that we know of, might end if we are complacent and not do anything about these recruitments.

Anonymous said...

Mao ba? Kuyba na baja mga taga-albor nga narecruit karon? Unsa man pod kaha ila mga actibidadis? P18,000 a month ang sweldo, hmmmm, medyo dako2 oi. Syempre daghan madani ini.

So, naa sab ni sila mga pusil? Aruy, kadilikado ba!

libjoanon said...

wag kayong maniwala kalukohan yan