Wednesday, January 17, 2007

San Jose Gamay

Barangay San Jose of Libjo also called San Jose Gamay (Little San Jose) in reference to the bigger San Jose the capital of the new island province Dinagat. San Jose is considered the breadbasket of Libjo. Located inland in the central plain, Barangay San Jose has the biggest rice and coconut field in the area. It has access to Gaas Inlet to the Pacific side of the island and situated along the provincial highway going to and from Loreto (north) and Dinagat (south). If then a surfing destination will soon be established in the ocean side of this Island, this will be the "Gateway to the Pacific".

Central to mining, once logging, farming and even fishing San Jose is located close to swamp mangrove area in Gaas Inlet and good for fish farming. And unlike Siargao this is not crocodile infested area :) .

Soil is not barren and not bad as supposed red earth on neighboring barangays. And by looking at the map since this are the central and the only wide flat land area in the island. By comparison to Siargao and Surigao Airports this will soon be the best spot for airport in the Island.

My father once made a welcome banner for the barangay and was disappointed after admitting a mistake instead of "Welcome to Barangay San Jose" he painted "Welcome to Barangay San Joe". By the way, my father's name is Jose and some call him "Joe".

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Anonymous said...

99% of Libjo-anons call your father "Yayo" if im not mistaken.