Sunday, January 21, 2007

Native Fruit Favorites

Everyone in my friends when we were young believes someone (not-human) owns a native tree. A superstitious belief that someone planted, taking care and lives in those trees. So if anyone who pick fruit from that tree, he should ask permission from those owners. We do ask ‘Iyo, Iya, Manang, Manong... We are going to pick some fruits okay? Don't give us stomachaches or give us troubles’. Else, something will happen. Like some will get an accident fall, head aches or skin diseases, never know. I remember one tree believed to have a white monkey that lives on it and we don't even have local kind of monkey that lives in the island.

Native trees are usually huge and old and no one planted them. They grow in forest if not in a farm but untouched by landowners. Birds used them for shelter and source for food. And some children do :-).

Summer is the time these trees bears fruits. Exactly the same time with students has no school and lots of free time. Somewhat a lesson for survival since forests has these trees. If you know how to pick this fruits you're surely survive.

Here's a list of some of my favorites;

Pinu-on - Dwarfs food
Paguha - banana

During the loading of Chromite when International ships were in town aside from coconut, I do remember we use some of these fruits to barter for other goods. Foreigners loves it too. I'm wondering, do you think we can produce wine made from Puyangi or Batwan?


Anonymous said...

limot kas hantutuknaw? kadto gani makaviolet sa ngipon? hehe apil pa ang punuan sa amorsiko, kalami baja na kay murag lami ug ubod.Naa pa tong murag vine gani nga naay putos, orang-orange man to ang ngayan....

richardparker01 said...

Nico - Your weblog is wonderful. I enjoy it greatly.

I live on the next island over, Siargao, at General Luna, and I also have a website:

- most of which is about Siargao

I'm trying to do a page about trees, plants, and so on in Siargao, and would greatly appreciate your help. Perhaps I could send a draft version of the photos (with some Latin and English names and some Surigaonon ones) and recruit you to help me sort them all out.

I also liked your post about spider fighting - I've only just learned about this (lawa ???) and it sounds fun. Perhaps we could organise a Siargao/Dinagat Spider Derby, and give a lot of pleasure to those who cannot afford to maintain fighting cocks or Manny Paquiao.

I can't vote here, so I'm not much interested in local politics. I do my best for those stupid enough to try and bribe me to vote for them, even if I can't.



muthja said...

Hi Richard, I've visited your nice site. You just let me know how can i be able to help you. Its my pleasure. Thank you....


Anonymous said...

bitaw ayaw kalimti ang hantutuknaw tabang baya pod na hinlo sa ngipon lolz...hay kalami mobalik pagkabata hahahahha nakakamiss.. ang kakulitan ...