Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lawigan Festival in Loreto

Will Libjo compete with Sinulog in Cebu this month? I have no idea... maybe.
By the way Libjo contingent won in Lawigan Festival contest in Municipality of Loreto last May. Celebrated in May 14-15 , “Lawigan Festival” Legends say that the First settlers of Loreto whose old name was “Mabua” came from Bohol, Leyte and Samar, Mabua came from the visayan word “Bua” which means foamy substance that usually float on the Mabua River . They formed small communities through the place w/c they termed “Lawig” which means Voyage. Each group developed its own culture. As a result, Loreto has a variety of language, customs and way of life . Hence, the “Lawigan Festival”.
Here are some of the photos from Lawigan Festival in Loreto.

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Tony G.- Chicago, IL said...

Very colorful and beautiful costumes. They deserve to win. I noticed a red Chicago Bears cap on one of the bystanders. He looks like a cousin of mine (Boyhood D.).
Your website is great and pretty well organized. I visit your site regularly. Keep it Up.