Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fun to watch a fight

I don't really know if it’s written within our DNA. We love to watch a fight. Since I was a kid, it is fun to watch a fight. Games and sportsmanship? Or not just that. I spend much time looking for the best spider with my friends. Even earn some scratches just to find my number 1 spider (remember the spider with number on its back?). I love to watch it fight. Remember we keep it inside a small matchbox with compartment on it to keep it hungry?

They said, as you grow older this will change. From spider to rooster to human boxing. Then there will be a time that cycle comes back.. from boxing to rooster to spiders. No wonder I found Lolo in Libjo fighting spiders with their grandsons. Just kidding.

Anyway, we loved boxing same as cockfighting. Especially if Pacquao is in the ring. We usually make excuse to spend some money to get together so we could watch Pacquao fight. Chip-in chip-in as what we call it. We brought letson for dinner and watch them in pay per view. Proud and loud.

But did you know there is a more exciting fight that’s coming... '2007 May Election'. Do you think we'll have a good fight?

I hope it will be a peaceful election. And I love to hear from you. Who's running in your town? I'll keep you posted about ours in Libjo.


Anonymous said...

the coming elections is surely ridiculous! i'm talking about the senate. sen. pimentel's son is running, sen. pia cayetano's brother and jv ejercito, jingoy's brother.
if they will win they will join their family members in the senate.
25% in the senate will be controlled by 3 families. (6 out of 24). of the 80 million plus filipinos, wa jod lain?

Anonymous said...

Forget Them!!! as long as they support DI No problem. What we gonna do is to make representation sa new Government of DI, thats it.


zenith said...

DI's representative to the national government? They might only sleep on their desks during deliberations!!!!just like Mrs. Ecleo... if not absent she just what we call it physically present but mentally absent

Anonymous said...

well, holy? diver, the DI elections will be one on the record book. A FAMILY CONTROLLING THE WHOLE ISLAND. there will be some people who will win but still under their wings. hibaw-an na daan.
wait until we will have a Republic of Dinagat Island and i will forget the philippine senate.
i'll just check it from my map, DI is still part of the philippines.