Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

Christmas season is a busy season. And so am I. Muthja is also hopping from one event to another. From being judge to organizer from one occasion to another. She's only loaded with Solicitations. She got a tons of it. And she sometimes call it Tulis-sitation. Anyways...

How can you complain? Its Christmas. This only happens once a year. Everyday is once in a year right? Agree? But this day happens to be Christmas. Its time to give. I still have to send my share by the way :-)

Yes, time to share, to give and forgive. Its time to be with our family. For us we consider this kind of thanksgiving for the previous year since in next few days it will be another year.

Enjoy our traditions.. like caroling, pamasko with Ninong and Ninang, simbang gabi, church/school/work parties. Parol contest, enjoy making our traditional Christmas tree made from a mangrove and baboto. Discoral after chruch!!! What else?

We hope you will enjoy the holidays and be safe. Don't drink to much and be careful with firecrackers.

Wherever you are from Asia, New Zealand, Middle East to Canada. From the Philippines, US, South America, Australia to Europe. We are all wishing you all Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From your friends and family in Libjo and LibjoLIVE!

Friday, December 21, 2007

News: Gov to Finance Dinagatnons in Working Abroad

Province of Dinagat Islands (December 21) -- Dinagat Islands Governor Geraldine Ecleo-Villaroman pledged financial support to the qualified Dinagatnons who wish to work abroad, this she revealed during the official launching of 'Pamaskong Handog ni PGMA' yesterday, December 20, at San Jose, Dinagat Islands.

The financial assistance according to Villaroman is only available to the beneficiaries of TESDA's 'Galing Mekaniko Ako' and 'Galing Masahista Ako', where 100 trainees from Dinagat Islands successfully received their training kits yesterday.

The said assistance will cover placement fees and other fees to those Dinagatnons who wished to work abroad after their graduation in TESDA's scholarship program dubbed as "Pamasko ni Gloria Matutulungan Ako" (PGMA).

Aside from the scholarship program of TESDA, some 500 Dinagatnons identified by the Prov'l Social Welfare & Dev't Office from 1,500 indigent families were initially given packs of goodies consisting of rice, noodles, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, sugar, and canned goods.

Gov. Villaroman thanked the Arroyo Administration for the support and all those present for their cooperation in making the affair a success. More...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

News: 1,500 Dinagatnons to Receive Pamaskong Handog

Manila (18 December) -- Dinagat Islands (December 18) -- About 1,500 Dinagatnons will receive a "Pamaskong Handog ni Presidente Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo" on Thursday, December 20, 2007.

Dep't of Social Welfare and Dev't Secretary Esperanza Cabral will lead the gift-giving at Brgy. Aurelio, San Jose, Province of Dinagat Islands.

Dinagat Islands Prov'l Social Welfare & Dev't Officer Virgie Salar in an interview with the Philippine Information Agency bared that from 1,500 beneficiaries an initial five hundred indigent families will receive pack of goods consisting of rice, sardines, noodles, sugar, and corned beef amounted to P250.00 per pack during the launching ceremony.

Aside from groceries, the newly established Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) office in the province have also prepared capability trainings dubbed as "Pamasko ni Gloria Matutulungan Ako" (PGMA) for 75 tricycle drivers and 25 "masahista" (masseurs) of the province. More...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Albor National High School did it again!

On the 2nd Regional Science Fair, Quiz and Olympics Albor did again. In the photo Judee Crispo, Jefford Crispo, Kenneth Ecle, Remijer Turno and with adviser/coach Euzel Cabeza. Muthja will provide more information in when and where this is held, who are the participants, what are the prices are. Whats next and more.

Muthja: 2007 Regional Science Fair was held at Surigao City in November 27-29,2007. As documented, participants were from Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Bislig City, Butuan City, Dinagat Islands, Siargao, Surigao city, Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur. Albor NAtional High Shcool won 2nd in Paper Tower Making and Electromagnet. The prizes they got were medals and certificates.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Delivering Baby in Libjo

Ginhawa ug lawom Day... (Deep breath Girl). I heard it most of the time when nurses deliver a baby in Libjo's Albor District Hospital. It's good, husbands are not allowed to stay on the delivery rooms. They just stay and wait outside and have some drinks with barkadas (friends). If not I can imagine wives shouting in pain..”Ikaw gyud ang naka among aning sakita” ( You really is the reason why I get into this pain).

My mom works at this hospital few years back before she retire and pursue with her business. She handles delivery and operating room. Though I can peek and even went inside the delivery operations. No pain relievers like Epidural not even make the delivery quick or Induction with Pitocin. Most of the time delivery is done in natural. We don't have the advance equipment to check status of the baby. I remember I was 9 years old that time, my mom deliver a baby with two heads. One of the head came off but they all wonder why the baby is still stuck. Later on they made a CS (Ceasarian Section) operation just to save the mother. Unfortunately the mother also died.

Some times doctors here are really busy. They are On-Call 24/7. And they have to look for alternative ways and non expensive way of treatment. Much more if the patients can only offer a chicken in exchange for the service. But life is so simple. We don't need health insurance. We pay nothing for Insurance. None as in zero. Only when prescription is needed that's the time you need to pay. But remember the delivery of the baby I told you before? The new Dad came back and have with him Skyflakes (kind of crackers) and 4 liters of Coke for all the hospital employees. Thankful for the service and a kind of celebration for the new baby.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

News: Lando Intensifies Including Dinagat

CEBU CITY, Philippines -- (UPDATE) The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) hoisted Public Storm Signal No. 2 in Cebu, Bohol, Northern Negros, Guimaras Island, and Iloilo Monday afternoon as the weather disturbance “Lando” intensified from a tropical depression into a storm.

The storm blew through Central Visayas around 4 p.m., packing winds of 65 kilometers per hour (kph) and gusts of up to 80 kph near the center and was expected to cross the inland waters of the Visayas, moving west northwest at 13 kph.

Signal No. 1 was raised in Aklan, Antique, Capiz, the rest of the Negros provinces, Siquijor, Cuyo Island, Leyte, Southern Leyte, Dinagat Island, Western Samar, Eastern Samar, Camotes Island, and Biliran Island. Read more...

Friday, November 16, 2007

News: Mutilated Body of 7-year Old Boy

The mutilated body of a seven-year-old child was recovered in a creek in Basilisa, Dinagat Province after being reported kidnapped, ABS- CBN Regional Network Group reported Thursday.

The body of 7-year-old Cedie Estoconing was recovered at a creek in Barangay Diegas in Basilisa town. The body was found without the head, left knee, and his internal organs removed.

Escotoning's mother, Rosemarie, said that the boy has been missing since October 21.

Senior Police Officer 2 Ruben Piodo, Basilisa police deputy chief, said two suspects in the killing, Narciso Barrientos, 54 years old, and Fermin Abear, 23 years old, admitted that they kidnapped the victim.

According to the suspects, they planned to hold the child ransom for P 10,000, but the child died while inside a sack of charcoal. It was then that they allegedly got the internal organs of the child, which was believed to be intended for use of a certain Allan Nadunza as a charm. Read more...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

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Dinagat Fisheries Picturial

Dinagat Fisheries Picturial by agrisibo.

About Food Source and Storage in Dinagat

In Libjo just a few years back before electricity and before our first Kerosine refrigerator came, storing and preserving food is done a bit different. Those days ice is so pricy and source is far as 4 to 5 hours away in Surigao city. So we then rely on food's traditional preparation and preservation. You know Binoyad, ginamos, tapa, pinahilisan right? We either dry the food, preserve it in salt, hang it smoked or cook it. Drying squid in the sun is unmistakable. Smell is all over the place we can hardly sleep during the night specially if our house is next to it.

System like this seldom happen in urban areas where everything is being bought from the supermarket frozen, fresh on ice or in cans and bags. In Dinagat Island We live next to the ocean our source of food is just next door. We have nothing for lunch then we go fishing. Manginhas look for dayo-dayo kasag, libu-o, clams, sa-ang, suwaki, tajum, lato and more. We have Malonggay, kalamonggay (whatever it's called) in our backyard. Tanglad, sili as long as we have rice, meal is already complete. We can also raise chickens, pigs and ducks in our yard with no restriction. I call it On-demand. It is right there fresh when you need it. These type of things we are always looking for if we migrate to other places. If we can still do it then we feel we're really home.

I remember one time when we went mountain climbing. Some of our older colleague is bringing live chickens in a bag. I asked them "what for?" "This is food. This is good if we have it fresh, right." they said. So then there's no need for storing or preserving.

Funny but I hear this most of the time. "Tay, mangaon na ta?". "Kadali kay mamingwit sa ko". (english: "Dad, are we going to eat?" "Wait I still gonna go catch some fish")

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Albor Libjo Wild Fire Oct 29.

So who set the fire? If you heard of the news about forest fires in California. It burns properties and even causes some deaths. There should really be something, someone who started the fire if not by accident. If someone does, he really knows what he's doing. He knows which place to start and with the winds blowing at high speed and its direction. He must have done such trouble with intentions.

Anyways, in our local news a fire also has started, sort of. If you'll know October 29 is the the Barangay election. Local or barangay election is unique. Not like national, provincial or the municipal level where fight focuses on a party versus another party, in Barangay level this is more of a personal a family versus another family fight. And this time in Albor Libjo the one running in both parties for Barangay captain belongs to the same family. Although they are of different last names now, but they really is based on the same family roots and depend of same votes. Splitting the family.

Family is the very basic level when it comes to social, political, health, education in the Philippines. If you create trouble at that level then you will see the consequence. Sources said money (vote buying) again will play a big role in this campaign. Well, I'm not sure family ties can be broken with money. We will just wait for the result.

So who then set the fire? Someone should have started and comes with the idea. And if someone does is he must be an expert in doing this and he has some purpose.

Monday, October 15, 2007

News: Jean Garcia in Dinagat

Exclusive video of Jean Garcia in Dinagat by GMA Showbiz Central

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Future Day Coconut

If you traveled around Dinagat Island you will noticed most of the land is covered with coconut trees. Except with the mountains though which is still covered with forest trees. Yes coconut farming before is the main livelihood of the people. Copra which came from coconut is so valuable, families depend on it to send children to school. Remember those days we got a new pair of shoes and a shirt because we had traded sacks of copra to Surigao City? That was Libjo's good old days. Now copras price devalued and everything seems so expensive we cannot depend on copra alone. We need to look for work somewhere else to support the family.

But Coconut might be coming back. As you'll know government around the world is looking and pushing for the used of alternative fuel. Biofuel that is. We are starting using ethanol byproduct of corn in the gasoline for example. And car companies are building more fuel efficient engines. Like Volkswagen now releasing cars run by diesel. Actually 50 percent (some sources said) of the cars in Europe is run by newer diesel engines and that will continue to grow as new technology of engines comes with more mileage fuel ratio. Get what I'm thinking?

During the World War II in the Philippines because diesel scarce during those times Americans use coconut oil to fuel machinery. Actually with our existing engines, we can. The only problem with it is it easily solidify in lower temperatures (below 25 degrees Celsius / 78 Fahrenheit). Not really a problem in the tropical temperature though. What some Pacific neighbors like Indonesia already doing is they mix coconut fuel with diesel. They found a good mixture of diesel and coconut oil of 50 by 50 percent really works.

And there might be some technology coming up using pure coconut byproduct. I'm not sure about that. But since Philippines is the third world largest producer of coconut oil after Indonesia and India It could be a major player when these days comes and coconut will be back a major commodity home.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Link: Radio Tubajon - Tambuli Radio Network

Tambuli is a community radio network founded in 1990. It cover twenty (20) remote communities in Philippines.

These communities didn’t know a broadcasting station about daily problems and solutions with help of community before Tambuli radio network. Others services are: present messages about local reunions, marriages, deaths, lost cattle, children lost, information about political decisions, agriculture services, etc. Tambuli Radio Network was the first broadcasting stations in Philippines where the government has had the control on many media for long time. Radio Tubajon FM 95.8. Read more ...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

News: Dinagat Gov. First Address to the Province

Dinagat Islands first governor, Geraldine Ecleo-Villaroman, on Monday urged residents in the country's newest province in the Caraga Region to take part in province-building.

Gov. Villaroman said her priority programs focus on job generation, agriculture, infrastructure development and education for the next three years.

She delivered her first State of the Province Address (SOPA) in a jampacked gymnasium, filled with an estimated 5,000 persons.

She announced that the province of seven municipalities is crime-free with near-zero crime rate, citing official PNP records. Read more ...

Monday, October 08, 2007

Dinagat's MTV - Palagot sa Contra

From San Jose Dinagat Islands, LibjoLIVE! presents a music video titled "Palagot sa Contra".

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Where is Libjo, Dinagat Islands?

Latitude: 10° 12′ 0″ N
Longitude: 125° 34′ 0″ E

173587966 m² (1868485316 ft²)
42894.5 acres
17358.8 hectares
173.6 Km² (67.0 miles²)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Libjo will represent Dinagat Islands

In Caraga regional level competition students from Albor National High School will represent the province of Dinagat Islands in the 28th National Quiz Bee for Science and Statistics.

Jefford Crispo will represent Statistics and Kenneth Ecle for Science. That is from the result of the 17 schools competing in the Division Level.

In the photo (left) Jefford with adviser Euzel Cabeza (middle) Kenneth Ecle and (right) Jefford Crispo

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Photos from the 1st Governor's Cup

Pictures taken during the Sept. 29 game held in Libjo. Games are held 2 days on each town. (Photos by Euzel Cabeza)

LIBJO (green) and TUBAJON (blue) teams.

Libjo gym has comparable or much bigger than Surigao's provincial gym.

ANHS Dance Troop during the half time.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Dinagat Islands First Inter-municipality Tournament

Here' the result of the 1st Governor Jade's Cup Intermunicipality Tournament
September 1 to October 5, 2007. Team Standing as of September 30,2007

Team Win Loss
Basilisa 4 2
Cagdianao 2 3
Dinagat 2 4
Libjo 3 3
Loreto 3 2
San Jose 2 4
Tubajon 4 2

Libjo Team

Ramada #5
Llamera #12
Buenafe #9
Taypa #18
Oslob #4
Lumpay #7
Ecuben #11
Davin #15
Temario #13
Manitas #6
Mercado #14

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Malbacias Clan and Geneology in Libjo Dinagat Islands

Desendants of Eusubio and Liberato Malbacias in Barangay San Jose, Libjo, Dinagat Islands. And the geneologies of Malbacias brothers and their desendants.Video is taken by Greg Malbacias.

Monday, September 17, 2007


For those who haven't visited Libjo for more than 5 years, this is one change you will notice when you're back here. The area where once the old municipal stage, open basketball court and rural health center stand was now renovated and a lawn tennis court, park and Legislative Building can be found. It is where Flag Raising and Flag Retreat ceremonies are being conducted. You can click the photos to have a closer look.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I remember when I was still in 4th year high school, during our 30 minutes recess period, my classmates agree to do pamokot (net fishing). Yes, we did! In that short period of time. While our male classmates do the pamokot, we females were just inside the baroto (canoe) on our school uniform and school shoes. Yes! In the middle of that deep dark blue sea! I somehow miss those adrenalin rush...has the canoe sure im dead, not because of shark attack but because my mother would kill me....but it's a lot of fun. "Panginhas" (collecting sea shells by the sea shore) is as much fun as pamokot. It is mostly done during very low tide except "saang" and "kuno" which can only be found at the deeper part of the shore. Sea shells like samong, aninikad, dayo-dayo, tamparong or suwaki(sea urchin), liboo(mud clam), tuway(sand clam), bayat(sea cucumber), or suga-suga(crab) are the various goodies you can find by the seashore

Saang, kuno ,aninikad and suwaki.

One tempting shoreline for "Panginhas" in Libjo.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Libjo Breeze and Fog

Have you heard of the a story during the world war Japanese airplane find difficult to navigate or could not find Dinagat Island because of the thick fog? It must be true. During early mornings in Libjo as far as Mt Pelhi and straight to Libjo bay area is all covered with fog. White thick fog until around 9 in the morning. That makes the place a little cooler. Mountain breeze as what they call it. It happens in the evening through the early morning. And it goes opposite direction in the midday coming from the bay going up to the land to the mountains. We call it sea breeze. We could not experience this is if we go inland or go somewhere in huge mainlands. In my opinion this is much pretty view compared to smog in Los Angeles California and Manila. This makes our temperature a little more moderated. When you are in the tropics this is not hot as you think. This could mean 75-85 degrees F all the time.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Reused Bottled Drink in Libjo

Aside from the few distilled beverages like gin and rhum (tanduay), empty bottles of beer and soft drinks are required to be returned to where you purchase it. If you are from other countries these sounds funny. You buy something and you were told to return it? What kind of merchandise is it? Never found anywhere else, right? It is called return for reuse. It is a good in the sense we are not dumping used bottles or throwing it in the garbage. It is not recycled or use for other purposes. It is really return for reuse in its original purpose. Was it a government regulation? No. It’s not. We don’t have rules like in the US to collect 15 cents if bottles or cans are returned in a particular state. In towns like Libjo in the Philippines reuse and recycle has no government enforcement. There is only a simple reason why people return bottles, ‘deposit’. Every time you buy a bottled softdrink or beer you are required to bring a bottle exchange or a money deposit. And you know why? Because bottles in the Philippine-market costs more than what is inside. Meaning, beer bottle is more expensive than the beer itself. Because of its reuse value. Stores in the other hand to order wholesale are required deposit or empty bottles. They have to make sure they have complete set to re-order. And that is why if you have experience traveling in the Dinagat Islands and had a chance to eat and drink I’m sure you’ll be serve softdrink in a plastic cellophane bag with a straw (repackage softdrink from its original bottle). Of course no deposit required. And that's 'Only in the Philipines'.

Monday, August 27, 2007

News: Six out of Mindanao's 27 governors are women

Mindanao has six women governors now, representing 22.2 per cent of Mindanao’s 27 provinces.

This is the highest number thus far, of women serving as governors in Mindanao.
Of the six, four are first-term governors – Maria Valentina Plaza-Cornelio of Agusan del Sur, Jum J. Akbar of Basilan, Corazon N. Malanyaon of Davao Oriental and Geraldine Ecleo-Villaroman of the new province of Dinagat Island. Read more ...

One-Year Anniversary LibjoLIVE!

Happy Birthday LibjoLIVE! It’s a big big ONE-year. Thanks Tony G for noticing. Yes, one year online and one year of service. We really can't believe it. It is like we just started posting the other day and now one year have passed.

We appreciate for everybody’s continued support visiting our site and participation in posting comments and tagging in our chat room. Thank you for making LibjoLIVE! a real community online. And we're looking to give you more.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you for your great support! Hope you enjoy your visit!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Mayor's 52nd Birthday Celebration

August 1, 2007 is the 52nd birthday celebration of Libjo Municipal Mayor Lamberto T. Llamera Jr. The celebration was held at the newly constructed Libjo Gym which serves as the gyms blessing at the same time. The occasion was graced with a cock fighting derby promoted by Councilor Jimmy Taasan and a boxing.

During the affair, the mayor also welcomes Dr. Vicente Soco who will be the new resident physician of Albor District Hospital in Libjo from now onwards. It is known that the mayor was given an ultimatum from the Provincial Government for the closure of the District Hospital had he failed to find a resident physician.

In the photo is the Mayor with his loving daugther Melody who rushed home just for the celebration.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Inauguration and Oathtaking Ceremony

Late photo update during the Inauguration and Oathtaking Ceremony of the Newly Elected Libjo Municipal Officials last June 30, 2007. Solemnizing Officer is Hon. Judge Leonora Edera.

Hon. Mayor Lamberto Llamera Jr. with his wife Dr. Fe Llamera and daughter Melody Llamera

Hon. Vice Mayor Romeo Villarosa with his son Jiji Villarosa

SB Members with their family; Hon. Rogelio Magpatoc, Hon. Frank Areglo, Hon. Jack Llamera, Hon. Felix Dacles Jr., Hon. Lourdes Creencia, Hon. Valerio Cabajes Jr., Hon. Jimmy Taasan, and Hon. Pascual Simbajon

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mud Crabs in Libjo

Among the family of crustaceans, Alimango (Mud Crab) tastes one of the best and in Libjo, these crabs basically grow in mangrove swamps. Its also known as Mangrove Crab, Muddy and Black Crab.

In 1980's to 1990’s, electricity in Libjo is available only for three hours, that is from 6pm to 9pm. After lights out, some of the townpeople hunt for the much sought crab by using spear (sapang) and flashlight since crab can easily be blinded by lights.

Three years ago, I convinced my cousins to go with me hunting for “alimango”. Our uncles were pessimistic about our female force but were amazed when we got a crab weighing 1 kilo. You can just imagine how loud our screams were!

These days, it’s not that hard to find some “alimango” if you feel like eating them since some are starting to culture it. One place which I know has ongoing business of this kind is Barangay Llamera where the price per kilo ranges from Php 130-150.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Muthja in 1984 and 2007

Muthja is our basketball team in Libjo way back 1984. Here’s our photo back then wearing the team’s uniform. We won the championship game that year. And in the next photo is the very same uniform my kids are wearing today 23 years later. I told my son, you know what you are wearing the same uniform they are wearing here in the previous photo. My son asked me and he said, ‘Are they still alive?’

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Padala in Libjo Dinagat Islands

Padala in our own definition differs from standard courier and mail service. Courier in the Philippines is LBC, DHL or FedEx for international shipping and mail service is done by Philippine Postal Corporation or Phil Post. Our Padala operates in different way. Usually Padala is something sent through a friend, a relative or someone we know. Almost free of charge much more if it is dub ‘pa-padala lang’. Saving the cost for courier. Padala is a Filipino tradition. Padala from the States and from relatives from the Middle East. We can Google ‘Padala’ with lots of different results. One says ‘it’s the cheapest way to send money’. Other says ‘Gift delivery for the Philippines’. ‘Easier way of giving Pinoy goodies to relatives and friends’ and more.

In Libjo our version of Padala is described as delivery of various stuff. Stuff like letters, packages, orders or sometimes cash. For someone who does the job this is a career. Called transport handyman for times this individual live merely by tip (pang tricycle, snacks). And because they are considered trader they pay no fare. Looks like part of the crew but they are not. They help on the crew on daily task in the boat. The main job is they handle wholesale orders from the stores. They are very important person. Of course everyone knows them. But this is also sometimes a risky business. They are trusted to carry 10’s of thousand of cash. And when it involves cash it always has temptation and risk of being robbed. This business is based on trust and building it takes time. Besides they have to learn to survive storms, waves and be a shipper. Basically live in a boat. Padala mostly works in places where no courier operates or since it is cheaper than courier.

Monday, July 16, 2007

News: Tubajon Municipal Councilor Found Dead

A passenger pump boat named MB Sweet Merah capsized Wednesday dawn off the coast Nonoc Island dawn drowning one passenger -- a newly elected Municipal Councilor of Tubajon town, one missing, while eight others including its four crew members were rescued.

Reports said that while the pump boat was crossing the Surigao Strait, huge waves and strong winds caused the vessel to capsize.

Hours later, a passing motor banca rescued six passengers and four crew members of the ill-fated MB Sweet Merah.

Unfortunately, one of its missing passengers who was later identified as Tubajon Municipal Councilor Florencia Binongo Alinsunod, 68, a resident of Barangay Malinao, Tubajon, Dinagat Islands Province was found dead at the shore of Barangay Talisay, Surigao City.

Another passenger is still missing.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

News: Army Says Ferry Passengers Safe

Forty one passengers, among them a child, of the stranded roll on, roll off m/v Shuttle Ferry 10 are now safe, according to rescuers belonging to the 30th IB Philippine Army based in Surigao del Norte.

Colonel Isidro Purisima, commanding officer of the 30th IB Philippine Army, said the troops coordinated with the Philippine Coast Guard for the rescue operations that started Wednesday afternoon.

Asia Marine Transportation Corporation, which owns and operates the vessel, sought the military's assistance.

"The vessel, which has cargoes of nine six-wheeler trucks, one 10-wheeler truck including its 41 passengers--some bound for Pasay City in Manila others for Leyte, is now anchored one mile north of Rizal Island, Dinagat Islands Province," Purisima said. Read more...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cassava - Staple food in Dinagat Islands

Did you know my favorite snacks cassava cake, tabirak (ginat-an), linidgid and puto are all made from Cassava? Did you know Cassava has lots of names? We know this as Jaba, kamuting kahoy, kamanting, balanghoy. But in other places they also have different names. Cassava is called mandioca, aipim, or macaxeira in Portuguese, mandio in Guaraní, maniok in Afrikaans and Rotuman, yuca or mandioca in Spanish, muhogo in Swahili,mogho in Gujarati, tapioka in Fijian, kappa or maracheeni in Malayalam, singkong or ubi kayu in Indonesian and Malay language, tugi in Ilocano, balinghoy in Tagalog, maniok in German, Danish and Czech, manyok in Haitian Creole, lumu in Kichwa, manioc in French, mannyokka in Sinhala, khoai mì, khoai sắn in Vietnamese, mianga in Kikuyu and cassave in Dutch.

Myth or not if you plant the cassava stem upside down will produce a poisonous crop. It might be true but one thing for sure, Cassava cannot be eaten uncooked. You know why? It contains free and bound cyanogenic glucosides which are converted to cyanide in the presence of linamarase, a naturally occurring enzyme in cassava. And if this is grown in during drought season will produce more of this toxins. High content of this toxin will also cause Paralytic Neurological disease if consumed in several weeks. But cooking is sufficient enough to remove the toxins.

Besides rice, camote and coconut in Libjo cassava is the main food grown most especially in the upland regions. Its mostly known as substitute to the rice diet.

And so the song says:
Boy: Inday bayle ta
Girl: Di ko ka kapoy
Among pamahaw balanghoy
Among pani-udto balanghoy gi puto
Among panihapon balanghoy gihapon

BTW I have good news, I’ve heard San Miguel Corporation is planning to setup plantation for this crop in the Island.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

‘Good For’ Credit System - Libjo, Dinagat Islands

You wonder how credit system works in Libjo? We don’t have credit cards. People even don’t know what is Visa or Master card. We don’t even have advance banking like ATM (Automated Teller Machines). Credit (Utang) is so important and much more so if you don’t have cash in hand. And that happens all the time. We have what we call as ‘Good For System’. Most of the commerce in the Island is done by this method. Teachers, hospital and municipal staff everyone. This is usually done in stores and not by banks. A written piece of paper for items and goods borrowed, dated and signed. Some even use this paper note to pay workers instead of paying cash in advance. Including small stores getting goods from the larger whole seller stores (we call it Angkat-angkat).

Stores should have a good record keeping. They also maintain an excellent credit evaluation method. They should know whose good payer, whose bad payer and also maintains a credit limit. I believed this will only works in places where people know everyone.

Plain simple and easy. The use of this system is so convenient that you don’t need to carry cash or wallet for cards. All you need is a piece of paper enough to write down items to borrow and sign. Such a powerful piece of paper store requires printing name before the signature to clearly identify whose signing. Since some signatures are hardly recognizable. Why we call it ‘Good For’ System? Because the note always starts with the word ‘Good For’ in the top.

Typically credits (Utang) are paid in the end of the month’s works payday.

Monday, July 02, 2007

News: Green groups want DENR revamp in Caraga

“Manipulations by moneyed illegal loggers in getting legal documents such as log transportation and cutting permits from local DENR offices all over Caraga have been on going for years and must be put to an end," the groups said.

“Alleged illegal logging activities in Caraga do not only destroy our future but also deprive the government of revenues from these illegal loggers who pose as legitimate wood traders but are actually smugglers of (illegally) cut woods," the groups added.

Caraga, noted for its wood-based economy, is composed of five provinces namely Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur, Dinagat Islands, Surigao del Norte and Surigao del Sur and the cities of Butuan, Surigao and Bislig. Read more...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

News: New Dinagat province installs first police director

The first provincial police director here was installed on Monday in this newly created Pacific Ocean-facing Dinagat Province in Northeastern Mindanao (Caraga region).

The installation was witnessed by the interim provincial officials, seven municipal chief executives, Sangguniang Bayan (SB) members and other local officials led by Rep. Glenda Ecleo.

Chief Supt. Antonio D. Nanas, regional director of Northeastern Mindanao Police Regional Office 13 (PRO 13), personally installed Senior Supt. Leonardo Manalo as officer-in-charge of Dinagat Provincial Police Office (DPPO).

The provincial command is located at the heart of San Jose, the capital town of this new province. Read more...

Monday, June 25, 2007

News: Mining industry to earn $2B this year, $10B a year by 2012

East Coast Mineral Resources Co. Inc. to be operated by Cagdianao Mining Corp., one for nickel, cobalt, chromite and iron development in Loreto, Dinagat Island, and another project involving the same minerals in Libjo, Dinagat Island.

Moves like those lately done by DENR are intended to persuade the Filipinos to invest in mining and awaken it from its decade-long slump. Industry players, especially the Chamber of Mines of the Philippines (CMP), have consistently reaffirmed its partnership with the government. Romualdez had once said that “mining done right can give the Philippine economy a much-needed boost, while providing the Filipino people tangible benefits through job generation and the trickle down effect of mining-related activities, like the construction of roads, schools and health centers at mining communities.” Read more...

Friday, June 22, 2007

More Motoracing Photos

Someone is asking where is the rest of the photos? I just said we were just waiting for the details. It’s just so frustrating Libjo is not that huge place that everyone knows everyone and here comes an event and nobody knows anything. No one knows who’s in the game. And not even the winner. All we know we have one entry from Libjo and that is Lordan Llamera Jr. in the beginner’s category. The rests are from Davao City, Surigao and some from Capital San Jose. Hint... click on the photos and look closely. You will notice people are watching the race on top of the roof and on trees. (Photos courtesy of Melody Llamera.)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Libjo Motocross Competition 2007

Where are all the people go? It’s fiesta day and nobody is in town. What happened here?
This is what happens when hosting a one of a kind event. Some sort of magnet, attraction gathers people to the place and nobody is left in the house to celebrate fiesta (I mean to prepare food and entertain guests.) Racetrack is located kilometer away from the downtown. So when the game started most of the people is in the race watching.

I talk about this before this is Habal-habal country. Kids even ladies knows how to ride a motorbike. That brings excitement to everyone if event like this happens.

The only thing is … Muthja is so busy she missed to get the names of the riders and who win the competition. (Photo by Melody Llamera)

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mayors Message for the Town Fiesta Celebration

Republic of the Philippines/Province of Dinagat Islands/Municipality of Libjo/OFFICE OF THE MAYOR
Greetings to the Libjoanon, guests & visitors! Today mark the 109th anniversary of our Independence and out town fiesta celebration. This symbolic occasion is significant to every Filipino and every Libjoanon. No less the president, Her excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo challenge our local leaders to uphold the nation to become a strong republic. We can contribute to the pursuit of this national goal by making sustained development in our countryside. We have just finished the electoral process peaceful and orderly. Now, we move on to deliver quality basic services to our people. In closing, may I extend my thanks to those who endlessly support, cooperate, give time and money to make this affair a success. To the guests and visitors, welcome to the beautiful town of Libjo and may sweet memories linger.

LAMBERTO T. LLAMERA, JR./ Municipal Mayor

Libjo Annual Fiesta Celebration Program

Libjo, Dinagat Islands Theme: "Sama-sama tayo tungo sa pag asenso" 109th Independence Day and Town Fiesta Celebrations


Activites -June 11
Pentakasi - Libjo Cockpit Arena whole day morning

Activities June 12
Flag Raising - Municipal Park ....... 8:30AM
Bunting Contest/Inspection - ATT (Pob.) ....... 9:00AM
Basketball Tournament - CNavarro Gym ....... 9:00AM
Flat Track Motorace - Libjo Race Track, Guinumbayan ....... 9:30AM
Parade - ATT ....... 1:00 PM
Independence Program LALS Gym ....... 2:00PM
ABC Night LALS Gym ....... 6:00PM

Activities June 13
Diana ...........4:00AM
Pealing of Church Bells ....... 6:00AM
Motocross Racing Libjo Race Track,Guinumbayan ....... 8:30AM
Basketball Tournament CNavarro Gym ....... 10:00AM
LGU Officials & Employees Night LALS Gym ....... 6:00PM

Activities June 14
Baranggay (Pob.) Night CNavarro Gym ....... 6:00PM

Friday, June 08, 2007

News: Botika ng Barangay outlets 50 percent Cheaper

SURIGAO DEL NORTE (June 8) -- The Provincial Health Team (PHT) here bared recently sixty seven (67) Botika ng Barangays (BnB) installed in the municipalities of Surigao del Norte and Dinagat Islands.

PHT Prov’l Team Leader Dr. Adriano Suba-an said all these Botikas are selling selected medicines at cheaper prices. He added that Surigaonons can now avail of safe, effective and quality medicines in their locality following the mandate of President Arroyo in providing low cost medicines for the people.

Some of the medicines and vitamins currently sold at the BnBs include amoxicillin, cotrimoxasole, paracetamol, mefenamic, loperamide, ketoconazole, ascorbic acid and multivitamins. Quality medicines sold at BnBs are 50 percent cheaper than those being sold by commercial drug stores. Read More ... (PIA-Surigao del Norte)

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Inviting All Bikers to the New Libjo Race Track

In celebration of the Town Annual Fiesta this coming June 12 and 13, 2007 Libjo presents a new kind of sports competition - Libjo's First Motocross.

June 12 - Flat Track Scooter type competition
June 13 - Motocross Competition

Category is open for beginners, novice and expert. And prices includes a trophy and up to 30 thousand cash. This event will be held in the newly constructed Libjo Race Track.

For more information email us . Come join and be here.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Congratulaltions Reinhart Dan Reyes!

Congratulations to REINHART DAN M. REYES for passing the CPA Board Exam!!! Check Manila Bulletin for the list of the new CPA board passers. If you could recall Reinhart is also the regional champion for CARAGA 2002 PSQ an annual contest designed to test first-year college students’ knowledge of statistics.

B.S. Accountancy
St. Paul University System
San Nicolas Campus, Surigao City
High School Graduate of Albor National High School
Albor, Libjo, Dinagat Island

Libjo's Watermelon Production

Watermelon is now one of the major produce in Libjo. Summer is harvest time for watermelon. It is now being transported in huge numbers, in hundreds of tons. If you could imagine before a stock file of Chromite, that is how huge is the file for watermelon harvested in Libjo. It is now becoming the preferred plant after coconut. Appears to be like Coco Copra trade in the old days.

Watermelon is both a fruit and a vegetable and plant of a vine-like (climber and trailer) herb originally from southern Africa and one of the most common type of melon.

Fresh watermelon may be eaten in a variety of ways and is also often used to flavor summer drinks and smoothies. A one-cup serving of watermelon will provide around 48 calories. Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin A, with one serving containing 14.59 mg of vitamin C and 556.32 IU of vitamin A. Watermelon also provides significant amounts of vitamin B6 and vitamin B1, as well as the minerals potassium and magnesium. Pink watermelon is also a source of the potent carotenoid antioxidant, lycopene.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Join our team in LibjoLIVE!

I am pleased to announce our new addition to LibjoLIVE! Lot Lisondra. He’s also from Dinagat and now presently working in Riyadh, KSA. He went to elementary in Dinagat, high school in St. Paul in Surigao, finished college in University of Cebu, and went to graduate school in University of the Philippines. His actual field of work is Accounting but he’s into programming and web development. For you Lot, Mabuhay!

And you too, if you enjoy creating articles about Dinagat Island either you are from here or just love to be part of the team, just let us know by sending us email to Help us make LibjoLIVE a truly an online community for all of us. Or join our effort to put Dinagat into the map, promote Dinagat Island as a destination not just for tourist but also for business. Hopefully with this shot we can create more jobs and improve lives of our fellow kababayans. Thank you.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Global Warming in Dinagat Island

Growing population and advancement of technology always has effect on environment and news is there to let us know. If you could remember not too long ago we have the Y2K experience. The computer bug result of the transition of the year from two digits ‘99’ to four digits ‘2000’. News made us aware of what will happen if time will go backward instead of going forward. We were told to make sure our computers comply with the requirements. Companies updated software; firmware and all time related programs and we prepare extra food in our shelves. That was eight years ago. But before that we also heard of Acid rain. As pollution get worse, rain will fall in a form of acid. Rain is undrinkable. Then, holes in the ozone layer that cause cancer. All related to population and industrialization. And what’s the latest? Global Warming.

Let me tell you a story. According to Popoy Dinagat Island is just floating and is carried by an old bearded man. (Gipas-an lang daw ning Dinagat). As this man is getting old he’s getting tired. There comes a time when Dinagat will sink to the bottom. I told my brother about the floating tale, he said it is really true. Really? Yes, since all land is just floating in melting magma. Maybe not.

One time I watch a show in PBS (public television) about Tuvalu. Remember the domain name dot TV? It is actually taken from the nation of Tuvalu not from the word ‘Television’. In the show some New Zealand residents visited their home land Tuvalu to see the Island one last time before it will sink. They believe if carbon emission will not be controlled this land will disappear in the future. This island in the pacific found this pot of gold from the registration of the top Internet domain name dotTV. They use part of this assets supporting United Nation fight against Global Warming.

Global warming will cause seawater to rise. And water rising is cause of the melting of polar ice and the warming of the temperature. Now back to Dinagat, unlike Tuvalu Dinagat has mountains. But except San Jose most of our towns is located next to the shoreline. Will this affect us too? Will this soon become like Y2K and acid rain an issue from the past? What if the old bearded man really gets tired? What will we do?

Monday, May 21, 2007

News: Korean Loses Mayoral Bid

South Korean Sangkil Ham Park, who ran for mayor in Basilisa town in Dinagat Islands province, lost to re-electionist Mayor Juan Digal Jr.

Park was frustrated in his dream to make a little difference in the lives of more than 20,000 residents of the island town of Basilisa, which can be reached by a one-hour boat ride from Surigao City.

The Basilisa board of canvassers proclaimed Digal and his running mate re-electionist Vice-Mayor Cesar Taguctoc Borja as winners Sunday. Read more ..

Sunday, May 20, 2007

News: Vote Commerce - Buying and Selling

Why go out and buy votes when voters themselves come knocking on the candidates’ doors to sell them?

“It was vote-selling and vote-buying combined and we want to correct the media and NAMFREL reports that it was vote-buying only when it was, in fact, vote-selling to the hilt,” they said.

In Dinagat Island, buying was allegedly pegged at P200 to P500.

“If we will not do it, others will do it for their benefit and look what happened to local bets who did not resort to vote-buying and selling, even if they are qualified and dedicated, they all lost,” the bets justified.

“Everything now has its price tag,” Plaza said. Read More..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Working Abroad with Multi-Cultural Colleagues...

It's always been a dream of most if not all Filipinos to travel anywhere around the world, be it for vacation, immigrant or be an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).

There comes a time in all our lives where we needed changes or our financial status and for a lot of people, that change is moving to another country to work and counted as one of the many Filipinos whom our countrymen called "Modern Day Heroes".
Working abroad isn't that easy specially for the first-timer like me where adjustments be part of your struggle in first few weeks. I've learned to be firm so as to fight homesickness for all my love ones left behind in our country, not to mention the close ties I had with my family while am still there in our homeland, Philippines.

One major adjustment that one needed also to consider in working abroad is the flexibility of one's personality specially in dealing with your colleagues. Taking my case, am currently working in an Accounting & Finance Dept. of one of the Group of Companies here in Riyadh, KSA and in our department alone, we are compose of different nationalities (Bangladeshi, Indian, Jordanian, Egyptian, Syrian, Palestinian, Pakistani, Sudanese & Saudi Nationals) and working with all those races entails self-confidence and competence so as to proved to them that Filipinos indeed are "world-class professionals". From them, we are bound to encounter interesting characters and lifestyles.

Whether we set off to work abroad with the help of mediation organization or well-established recruitment agencies or with the intention of living by our wits, still gradually we will learn the essence of knowing and considering the multi-cultural differences of different people and inevitably realized that there will be some surprises along the way. Masalama! (Arabic term for good bye).

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Time to Reconcile and Move-on

I really enjoyed the part of the election when we have a chance to go to the barangays and met some of the local people, handshakes, welcomes, jingles and most of all riding my motorbike with my girlfriend :-).

Indeed Libjo has a peaceful election. With about 70 percent turnout from more than 10 thousand voters is a good figure.

But results in my mind are not just simple as looking at the numbers. There is something more. Beyond the figures I can tell lots of things we can relate. It reminds me of my favorite download website. Where I can sort files by size, highest user ratings, price (if for sale), date added, A to Z (in alpha) and by popularity. In the same manner I can also sort our election result in; how much friends did I make during the campaign and foes? How much money did I spend or otherwise? Did I make people happy during the campaign? Did I enjoy it myself? How many votes did I get? Cause I could be popular and nobody remembers me in the ballot because I have no party. And that is what is party is all about, shared resources and shared campaign. That includes distribution of sample ballots.

A different candidate has different tactics and styles. Each has its own way of doing “tili-tili” or vote buying; each has its own “plataporma” or plan. Some monopolizes transportation “habal-habal” in there advantage, some played Robinhood to get more votes and some just asked voters “singit lang” insert their names in the ballot.

Sad to say I have two high school teachers that were not included in the magic 8. One who taught me how to build poultry and one who once told me after I answer his geometry question, "there many ways to kill the dog, but this time the dog will kill you." Not to add insult to injury but this people I'm telling about helped mold me of what I am today. And just wished there could be 10 open positions to fill.

"Ug na hulog ang laing tabil ning atong sugilanon" in just plain english - end of the story. Congratulations to all who won the election and its time to reconcile and move-on for the brighter future.