Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Greetings from Libjo LIVE!

Here we come, a Christmas season again. It is the season of the year where we spend time with family, relatives and friends together. Time to enjoy and celebrate the spirit and magic of Christmas. A time for prayers, a time to give and forgive. Maybe a new set of clothes and pair of good new shoe? It is this time of the year when kids are busy wrapping gifts, preparing Christmas tree, and making Christmas parol(Star). I supposed a Christmas tree made from mangrove and artificial snow made from laundry soap.

The time of the year to hear joyful songs and see happy faces. It is also time to reconcile and rejoice. Dinagat as a new province may not be the end for those who voted for NO but a new beginning. A new beginning of hope and the fulfillment of the promises for the betterment of the people and progress to the new island province.

Greetings from LibjoLIVE!

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